The future of facial aesthetics

facial aesthetics
A new aesthetic theatre aims to address problems dentists have with offering facial aesthetics at their practices

A new survey of dentists and GPs has shown that 90% have considered offering facial aesthetic treatments.

The reason many chose not to offer these treatments were due to a lack of knowledge over the legal and marketing requirements, lack of training and a fear of media stories about poor procedures ruining their reputation.

To help combat this fear, CCR Expo has announced the Getting Started in Aesthetics Theatre, in partnership with the Dentistry Show, which will highlight the unique skills, training and frameworks required for aesthetic treatments.

‘We recognise the increase in patient demand for facial aesthetic procedures and through our “Facial Aesthetics Theatre” we have evolved our programme year on year to provide delegates with an eclectic range of relevant education,’ said Alex Harden, event director of the Dentistry show.

‘We always strive to bring together a line-up of world-renowned speakers who can present on all aspects of the safe and effective provision of facial aesthetics – from new research and procedures to legal and marketing advice.’

Getting Started in Aesthetics

The ‘Getting Started in Aesthetics’ theatre will cover a variety of topics across an entire day of lectures and workshops.

Topics covered include How to promote and grow your private practice, Setting up an aesthetic clinic: from concept to realisation and Injecting profits in your facial aesthetics business.

Professor Bob Khanna – one of the world’s first dentists to venture into facial aesthetics – will be speaking alongside other highly-regarded professionals at the event, and he said: ‘I became the world’s first dentist to embrace this discipline and since then have been instrumental in ensuring that other dentists all over the world are appropriately trained in optimal protocols and techniques, so as to be able to achieve safe, predictable and consistent results in practice.

‘At CCR Expo, I will be discussing the best way for all dentists to get started in facial aesthetics as a perfect adjunct to clinical dentistry.

‘From patient assessment and diagnosis to effective treatment with Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers, the patient journey will be unraveled with many practical tips.’

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