What’s an orthodontist?

shutterstock_95604547A third of the UK population doesn’t know what an orthodontist does

The alarming results of a survey released today found that only 64% of people could correctly identify that an orthodontist specialises in straightening teeth. The survey was conducted on behalf of an organisation called The Invisible Orthodontist a network of specialist orthodontists throughout the UK, and highlights that consumer we are confused about specialists within the dental profession.


Approximately half of those surveyed (48%) were unaware that a specialist orthodontist had completed up to three vital years of extra training after qualifying as a dentist (with 56% of men even more unaware than women).

So why are people confused?

The research also shows that people have a problem differentiating between the range of dental specialists with additional extensive training. The confusion may also have arisen because many dentists claim to have a ‘special interest’ in orthodontics; they may have completed courses on particular teeth straightening systems which means that they are able to offer orthodontic treatment to their patients.

The Invisible Orthodontist was established as a network of specialist orthodontists who work together to advance the use of invisible orthodontic techniques, predominantly Invisalign, as Catherine Duncan, marketing consultant of the group explains:

‘We commissioned this recent survey, to try to gain a deeper understanding of what people in the UK know about specialist orthodontics. We were not surprised to learn that there is a level of confusion around what a specialist orthodontist does. The Invisible Orthodontist is dedicated to widening awareness of the skills a specialist orthodontist has to offer their patients; ensuring people can straighten their teeth – using virtually invisible techniques – and be confident that they are in the most experienced and knowledgeable hands.”

As the name suggests The Invisible Orthodontist group focuses on treating patients using discrete techniques – predominantly with Invisalign, which has made it possible to correct teeth without almost anyone knowing. The Invisible Orthodontist are a network group that collaborate together to learn from and share their learnings and experience in practice management, marketing and clinical education to ensure that all members continue to broaden their specialist training, skills and experiences and are able to treat the most complex cases with beautiful results.


For more information about The Invisible Orthodontist please visit http://www.theinvisibleorthodontist.co.uk

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