Online glossary ‘demystifies’ root canal terms

online, glossary, dental, root canal, endodontic, endodontist, Harley StreetJulian Webber, leading Harley Street endodontist, has compiled the UK’s first online glossary of endodontic terms – Rootipedia.

Rootipedia aims to ‘demystify’ endo treatment – it is an ‘easy to navigate’ A-Z format compiled by a trusted source to give patients a clearer understanding of this complex treatment.

Julian explained: ‘It struck me that we all turn to Wikipedia and other internet resources for information, so ­ why not develop a Wikipedia for root canal treatments?

‘That was how Rootipedia was born. When it’s time for your first root canal treatment, there is so much that is unfamiliar, whether it’s the terminology, the equipment or the materials.

‘By taking the mystery out of some of the terminology, I hope patients will feel more ready to ask questions and interest themselves in this important treatment.’

Nigel Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, described Rootipedia as ‘a useful Lexicon to help patients understand the terminology around root canal treatment’.

Mary Myers, a teacher from Norfolk and a patient of the Julian’s clinic, said: ‘It’s the very patient-focused approach adopted by Julian and his colleagues that recommended them to me in the first place. Rootipedia is an inspired initiative to help patients understand what root canal treatment is all about.’

Rootipedia was launched at the end of 2014. Visit the website at

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