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AestheticsDiscover how much more you can offer your patients by incorporating medical aesthetics into your practice.

In 2015 the UK cosmetic procedures market worth is forecasted to reach £3.6bn. With injectables making up a significant proportion of this, many dentists are adding medical aesthetic treatments to their current offering.

Dr Emma Ravichandran, an accomplished general dental practitioner and aesthetic practitioner, says: ‘I became interested in facial aesthetics as an extension of my dental practice out of curiosity initially. It was easy to integrate my knowledge as a dentist to understand this specialty and it became obvious that this area of medicine not only complemented dentistry, but was integral to my practice as a dentist.’

Dr Kishan Raichura is a dental surgeon and cosmetic doctor. He says of his experience: ‘I started slowly, doing treatments such as upper-face toxin and naso-labial fold volumising, and was really impressed with the improvements that could be achieved with non-surgical methods. The dramatic enhancement in patients’ confidence and perception of their image was even more rewarding and I knew then that I wanted to pursue this field further.’

Perfectly placed

Thanks to their specific skill set and training, dentists are perfectly placed to expand their existing practice with this fast growing area of medicine. ‘Even by the time dentists have completed university training, the majority of graduates can deliver (almost) painless local anaesthetic infiltrations and blocks and it is this particular skill that translates so well into the field of facial aesthetics,’ says Dr Raichura.

As he also points out: ‘Dentists have an extremely “aesthetic eye” and are routinely carrying out work involving intricate detail such as anterior composite restorations, which demand a keen attention to colour matching, anatomy and texture. Almost from day one we are paying attention to golden proportions and ratios with our restorative work, especially in the aesthetic zone.’

What’s more, aesthetic dentists already have a patient database interested in facial aesthetic treatments. ‘Dental patients who are seeking improvement in their smile are often also interested in improving their general appearance and this is where this unique relationship with their dental surgeon can have an even better impact because their needs can be assessed in a more holistic approach.’ Dr Raichura asserts.

Added value

By offering anti-ageing procedures, dentists are able to add additional value for existing patients as well as engaging a completely new client demographic. ‘When a patient wants to look good, improving their smile is what everyone is trained to do, however if you can also offer expertise in rejuvenating or improving their facial appearance in other ways, you often find that your patients seem even happier with their care and frequently express their appreciation to their friends and family,’ says Dr Raichura. ‘For an injectable treatment that takes no more than 30 minutes, the additional income it generates is significant.’

Of taking your first steps into the specialty, he advises: ‘Attempt and perfect the treatments you feel comfortable doing, with patients you know well. Be uber conservative with volumes and, when you are more confident, progress organically to the next, more advanced treatments. I found that attending conferences, training updates with manufacturers and making friends in this field has been invaluable.’

Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition 2015

Both Dr Raichura and Dr Ravichandran will be sharing their advice and experiences at the Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition 2015, taking place on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 March in central London.

Also joining the host of experts demonstrating and presenting at Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition 2015 will be Dr Victoria Dobbie, a dental surgeon with over 18 years’ experience in medical aesthetics. ‘Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition 2015 is the ideal conference for dentists crossing into facial aesthetics for the first time, or expanding their aesthetic practice,’ she says. ‘A practical, skills-based conference – learn new skills, the latest techniques, and be inspired by other dentists who have taken that step. The event is great for networking, and is CPD (continuous professional development) accredited; an essential start to 2015.’

Dr Raichura concurs: ‘The practitioners I’ve met in facial aesthetics are welcoming and open to sharing information in a very helpful and supportive way. Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition 2015 has always been a great opportunity to learn about this dynamic and constantly changing field.’

Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition 2015 is the ideal platform to begin your journey into medical aesthetics, or to enhance your existing skills and learn valuable new techniques from leading practitioners.

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