How Exact V11 has introduced some ‘outstanding’ innovations

Exact V11Ben Atkins owns and runs three predominantly NHS practices, accounting for 45 staff including 13 dentists, who service the needs of 23,000 patients in Salford. Ben reflects on how Exact V11 has introduced some ‘outstanding’ innovations that have helped generate higher performance levels at all three of his practices.

‘The area where I have found Exact to be 
of unique value is the way in which it facilitates the monitoring of business performance. The software shows an insightful appreciation of how the management of business processes impacts
 on productivity and, as far as I’m concerned, the more I can automate the administrative processes in my practice the better. My view is that the more efficient my staff can be, the better
 our patient care will be.

‘We now operate a fully automated recall system, meaning patients receive automatic recalls including text, emails and letters, can book online and get confirmation of their appointment, without the involvement of any staff. The combination of online appointment booking and Easypost has really impacted positively on the efficiency and business performance of the front-desk team.’

The personal touch

Ben continues: ‘I don’t believe this way of working 
is removing the personal touch, as 
some might argue. All our patient correspondence is personalised and removing the administrative burden 
of a manual process is allowing us to spend more time with patients, which, 
in my opinion, is a more appropriate application of the “personal” element of the practice.

‘I am a big believer in the power of 
new technology to aid communication, and now that recalls and reminders are being automated we are emailing patients a week before their appointment and texting them 24 hours before. The result being that our failed to attends (FTAs) and short notice cancellations have dropped significantly.’

Seemless organisation

Ben said: ‘In Exact V11 I can schedule reports on all the key business functions of each practice, enabling me to reflect on the state of each, helping me to foresee when issues might arise, rather than waiting for a problem to occur and then trying to deal with the aftermath.

‘Working predominantly within the NHS, the need to work efficiently is paramount. Using the tools within Exact V11 enables me to manage my business effectively and this has helped me focus individual skills where they will be most beneficial to patient outcomes. For me, the technological advances are vital because, when employed appropriately, they will make a huge difference to
 the operational efficiency of an NHS practice.

‘Having detailed business information is helping me to look forward and predict where each practice is heading, rather than doing things retrospectively. This is a very empowering position to be in and I couldn’t have done it without Exact V11.’

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