Endodontics Masterclass line up

The Endodontics Masterclass will be chaired by Dr Julian Webber, the first UK dentist to receive a masters degree in endodontics from a university in the USA, who will welcome the guests.

Dr Webber has been a practising endodontist in central London since 1978 and opened the Harley Street Centre for Endodontics in October 2002.

Dr Webber has been president of the British Endodontic Society and president of the American Association of Endodontists and is currently serving on various committees.

Dr Ghassan Yared

Next Dr Ghassan Yared will talk about reciproc single file canal preparation with clinical applications and scientific evidence.

Dr Ghassan Yared maintains a full-time practice limited to endodontics in Guelph and Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

He is also a specialist member of the Canadian Academy of Endodontics and the American Association of Endodontists.

Dr Arnaldo Castellucci

Dr Arnaldo Castellucci will then discuss Endonext, the technology for the future generation.

Dr Castellucci graduated in medicine at the University of Florence in 1973, specialising in dentistry.

From 1978 to 1980 he attended the continuing education courses on endodontics at Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry, and in 1980 spent four months in the endodontic department of Professor Herbert Schilder.

He lives and practices in Florence, Italy, where he has a private practice and a training centre.

Professor Liviu Steier

After lunch Professor Liviu Steier will compare single versus multiple file systems and conventional movement versus reciprocation.

In 2005 Professor Liviu Steier received the IADR first prize for his research presentation at the annual IADR General Session Baltimore, USA.

He has also received the KAVO award for geriatric oral research.

Dr Martin Trope

Finally Dr Martin Trope will discuss modern endodontics: biologic and conservative.

Dr Martin Trope was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he received his BDS degree in dentistry in 1976.

In 1980 he moved to Philadelphia to specialise in endodontics at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr Trope is now clinical professor in the department of endodontics at the School of Dental Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.

He is also in private practice in Philadelphia.

Hands-on session

After the lectures finish there will be a chance for a Q&A panel discussion with speakers before moving onto coffee and an exhibition viewing.

There will also be a choice of five hands on sessions (max 20 delegates each), which will cover all of the above mentioned lecture topics and Dr Julian Webbers covering ‘Dentsply Wave One’.

To find out more please visit www.fmc.co.uk/shop/endodontics-masterclass-uk or call 0800 371652.

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