Rupert Hoppenbrouwers

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Keeping patients informed of plans to go private
It’s important to communicate the changes from NHS to private to your patients, says Rupert Hoppenbrouwers. More dentists are considering…
Open wide: the risks of inhaled or swallowed dental instruments
If a patient swallows or inhales something while in the dental chair, it can result in a negligence claim. Such…
Make it easy for patients to complain, defence union says
Dental practices should make it easy for patients to complain about dental treatment, the DDU says. Figures show there were 14,000 NHS…
Give patients notice of plans to go private
Dental practices looking to move from NHS to private treatments are being advised to warn patients of their plans. The…
Concerns over the growing level of pressure dentists work under
Rupert Hoppenbrouwers has voiced concern over the level of pressure dentists are working under as he steps down from the DDU.…
New advice on raising concerns
New advice has been given to help dental professionals who think a colleague’s behaviour is putting people at risk. The…
Rupert Hoppenbrouwers and Bryan Harvey step down at the top of the DDU
The DDU has announced Rupert Hoppenbrouwers and Bryan Harvey will step down towards the end of 2016. John Makin will take…
The dento-legal climate is worsening, claims Rupert Hoppenbrouwers
Rupert Hoppenbrouwers has claimed the dento-legal climate is worsening with rising expectations from patients. The head of the DDU explained at…
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