Mouth Cancer Action Month 2023

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How to perform a head and neck cancer screening
The Mouth Cancer Foundation illustrates the screening protocol for dental professionals to carry out in the practice. When it comes…
Clinical Dentistry
Educating patients about mouth cancer
Nigel Carter highlights the role of patient education in mouth cancer prevention through the Oral Health Foundation’s latest research. Mouth…
Oral health
Eating more ultra-processed foods linked to higher risk of mouth cancers
Eating more ultra-processed foods (UPFs) may be associated with a higher risk of developing mouth, throat and oesophagus cancer. This…
The role of self-examination in mouth cancer prognosis
Tripat Mahajan speaks to Dentistry about the importance of early detection for mouth cancer prognosis, and the role that self-examination…
Spotlight on mouth cancer in care homes
This year’s Mouth Cancer Action Month is giving particular attention to the care homes sector – how can dental professionals…
Making a difference this Mouth Cancer Action Month
Nigel Carter explains how you can support Mouth Cancer Action Month, a campaign that saves lives.  November is Mouth Cancer…
November: time to take action on mouth cancer
Supported by Mouth Cancer Foundation and the Oral Health Foundation, Mouth Cancer Action Month takes place in the UK every…
Oral health
Mouth cancer cases increase by 12%, new data shows
The British Dental Association (BDA) has called for urgent action on mouth cancer, stressing that dental access can be the…
Why Stoptober is so important in dentistry
As Stoptober draws to a close, we hear from a leading dentist about why he thinks dental professionals are a…
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