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Instagram generation putting their teeth at risk
The Instagram generation are putting their oral health at risk, a letter from dentists to the Daily Telegraph has warned. Over…
Oral health
What’s the plan?
The BDA should put together a fully-costed alternative option for a new NHS contract, Michael Watson says. The problems for…
The NHS cannot do everything for everyone
The Government needs to be honest with the public and say NHS dentistry cannot do everything for everyone, Michael Watson says.…
Will the Daily Telegraph letter gather just as much support amongst patients?
The letter in the Daily Telegraph might be a big hit amongst dentists, but will it hit the same chord with patients,…
NHS dentistry described as an ‘international disgrace’ in Daily Telegraph
Tony Kilcoyne has published a letter in the Daily Telegraph highlighting the crisis NHS dentistry is facing today. In the letter, which…
Is a signed letter in the Daily Telegraph really the right way forward?
Publishing a signed letter in the Daily Telegraph isn’t the best way to get results, Michael Watson argues. On the day that…
Will the NHS have to publish dentists’ salaries
With the BBC making public the salaries of its highest earners, Michael Watson questions whether the same might happen for dentistry.…
Is the Daily Telegraph letter really supporting the profession?
We should be supporting the work NHS dentists do, not making wild suggestions like those published recently in the Daily Telegraph, Michael…
Michael Watson reviews the letter published in the Daily Telegraph
On 2 January the Daily Telegraph published a letter signed by over one hundred dentists, a new version of the…
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