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The importance of sufficient and precise information
Emily Pittard explains how important communication and information is for lab, patient and dentist, and why this inspired her to…
Clinical Dentistry
Running a dental lab: it’s all about communication
Jake Penman discusses the not-so-secret sauce in building a strong client base and running a successful dental lab. Be it…
Thinking of leaving the NHS? Be honest with your team
What are some of the important things a practice owner needs to consider with regard to their team when deciding…
NHS to Private
A safe space for clear aligner therapy providers
32Co explains why communication and support are essential for providers of clear aligner therapy to achieve the best results. Here’s…
Keeping your ceramicist in the loop
This month, Manrina Rhode stresses the importance of communicating effectively with your ceramicist as an aesthetic dentist – from shade…
Aesthetic dentistry
Beware of language barriers, dental tourists warned
People are being warned of the dangers that language barriers could hold when traveling abroad for dental treatment. This is…
Why is effective communication important for TCOs?
This month, Tracie Barnett discusses her top tips for effective communication and offers eight reasons why it’s so important for…
FAQs – how to communicate the move to your team and patients
Practice Plan explains the process of communicating your transition from NHS to private to your practice team and patients. ‘Communication…
NHS to Private
Staying safe with root treatment
Paul Lambden explains why keeping on top of clear, documented communication is so critical in endodontics, including root treatment. Claimant…
Technically Speaking – let’s talk about communication
To kickstart off their brand new column, Technically Speaking, Eleanor and Emily Pittard discuss communication between dentists and technicians, and…
Core Strengths – being honest and open
Catherine Rutland discusses the importance of being honest and talking about current events, as it’s the only way awareness and…
Putting your communication skills to the test
Sarah Ide explains the many examples of how effective communication can help you through challenging situations you face during your…
Patient management
Three lessons about networking with the dental industry
Umair Afzal outlines the key lessons he learned about networking within the dental industry and the importance of building relationships.…
Young Dentist
How to improve your team’s communication skills
Angela Love discusses the importance of excellent communication skills in the dental team and tips on how to achieve this.…
How can we improve communication to avoid discrimination?
Nicola Sherlock considers the technique and tools that help teams develop good relationships with a diverse patient base. There are…
Clinical Dentistry
Ten ways to hire the right people
Bhavna Doshi gives her top ten tips on how the practice principal can help to maintain or strengthen team dynamics.…
Private Practice
Creating alignment behind the vision – communicate and allocate
Jamie Morley explains how to create alignment from everybody in the team behind one single vision. One of the key…
Private Practice
Handling a colleague’s departure or absence
Taking over a patient’s treatment from a colleague can come with its challenges but also presents an opportunity to hone…
DISCover how to transform your communication
Liz Price explains how DISC analysis of your dental team could help improve communication and relieve any tensions amongst colleagues.…
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