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The unsung heroes: addressing the challenges facing dental nursing
Polly Bhambra highlights the importance of dental nurses and explains what the profession can do to make them feel valued.…
Dental Nursing
The myth of work-life balance – and what we should be thinking about
Lee Eldridge explains why the sooner dentistry accepts that a work-life balance is a ‘broken model’, the quicker it will…
Burnout in dentistry has reached ‘unprecedented levels’
Nishma Sharma discusses how dentistry can cause burnout and the importance of finding your inner happiness. The very nature of…
Experiencing burnout as a mother and businesswoman
Mother-of-three Dr Zayba Sheikh, CEO and founder of Ruh Dental, talks about the importance of setting boundaries in order to…
Four in 10 dentists likely to quit NHS in next five years due to ‘intolerable’ pressures
Four in 10 dentists and doctors are likely to quit the NHS due to ‘intolerable’ pressures in the next five…
Why seeking an alternative career option doesn’t mean the end of a dental career
Justine Nicholls discusses why continuing your learning could be key to alleviating the pressures of stress and burn out in…
Bouncing back from burnout
After experiencing burnout herself, Amber Ojak details the methods she uses to help recover and move forwards. Many of us…
Take a moment – wellbeing: can we shift our mindset?
Launching her new column ‘Take a moment’ – which will focus on wellbeing – Lauren Long explores whether dentistry can…
How to avoid burnout in dentistry
Jana Denzel examines how chronic stress can overload even the most resilient of us – and looks at ways for…
Burnout causing half of dentists to consider leaving dentistry
Half of dentists (50%) have considered leaving dentistry for reasons of personal wellbeing, according to a Dental Protection survey. In…
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