Setting standards in steam cleaning

Setting standards in steam cleaning

Innovative steam solutions from Renfert with POWER steamer, the steam cleaning unit that sets new standards in reliability, and STEAM tube, the intelligent steam cleaning station.

Renfert has done it – with the POWER steamer. The first steam cleaning unit on the market to show just how well intelligent engineering works. Refined down to the smallest detail, the POWER steamer is truly a champion steamer. This new generation of steam cleaning units makes your daily laboratory routine that little bit easier. With this innovation, Renfert has set another milestone in premium quality laboratory equipment – ‘making work easy’.

The POWER steamer

With the POWER steamer, dental laboratories can take steaming to a new level. The steam cleaning unit with its maintenance-free heating element and intelligent engineering enhances your laboratory equipment with smart functions, an attractive design, and reliable steaming performance. 

The heart of the unit is the boiler where the heating element is cast inside the aluminum floor. This is a real feat of engineering that makes the heating element virtually indestructible. Another detail: the extra-large service opening in the pressure tank ensures convenient rinsing and descaling.

Full steam ahead in your daily laboratory routine – this powerful unit maintains full power. Thanks to the robust heating element, only a short heating interval is required, with fast and continuous reheating too. What’s more, user-friendly handling and the services that users expect of Renfert have transformed a no-nonsense piece of everyday equipment into a champion performer that’s clever too.

The STEAM tube

As an intelligent steam cleaning station, the STEAM tube keeps your workspace clean. When steam cleaning work objects, loose dirt particles and impurities are collected thanks to the innovative design of the station. As a result, residues (for example, wax or polish) from steam cleaning the object is no longer distributed randomly around the steam cleaning unit.

What’s more, the STEAM tube not only protects delicate small parts, it also improves visibility of the object being processed thanks to controlled steam discharge. The center of the STEAM tube is equipped with an asymmetric collection hopper.

During steam cleaning, dirt particles are directed through its flat side into the hopper filter. A finely meshed safety filter catches any small parts that are lost and protects them against damage or loss. Moreover, the targeted steam discharge facilitates a clear view of the object being cleaned.

Solving challenges

The STEAM tube features a premium design and simple functionality. Its compact construction and rotatable hopper design enable custom adaption to ergonomic requirements and easy placement in the dental laboratory, for example directly at the sink or also free-standing. The STEAM tube can be cleaned simply by removing the hopper, filter, and collection container.

With the STEAM tube, Renfert has once again solved a longstanding challenge in the daily laboratory routine. The intelligent steam cleaning station ensures a clean workspace and actively contributes to improved working conditions. This makes the STEAM tube a perfect example of the Renfert philosophy: ‘making work easy’.

You can meet both the POWER steamer and the STEAM tube for the first time, visualising them as a 3D model with clear product descriptions and animations explaining how they work on the Renfert website.

Discover all details here: Product-Virtualizer (

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