New intraoral scanner balances cost and performance

New intraoral scanner balances cost and performance

The ELETRA SMART intraoral scanner is renowned for its speed, comfort, accuracy and incorporates superior technology.

My name is Daniel, and I am a digital dentistry specialist. I have been working with various intraoral scanner (IOS) brands for over three years and my role is to guide dentists on their journey to choose the right IOS for them and become proficient users in taking digital impressions of their patients. 

As a result, I have developed a good sense of what dentists like and need when they are choosing to invest in a new intraoral scanner. Of course accuracy and speed are essential, but I am speaking to more and more dentists who are searching for better value. Especially when they will likely have to upgrade to the latest model within five years. This is particularly relevant to dental associates who find the entry cost to digital dentistry a significant barrier.

I see the benefits of digital impression taking on a daily basis, but my goal is to make it accessible to all. Therefore, I have been searching for an intraoral scanner brand that ticks all the performance boxes but at a fraction of the cost. And I believe I have found it – the ELETRA SMART. 

Why you should consider the ELETRA SMART

I will get to the price shortly…

I have tried the ELETRA SMART myself, seen it perform in a clinical setting and I have been highly impressed:

  • Arch to arch scanning speed is excellent and takes me less than 60 seconds
  • Accuracy is high at ≤7μm
  • The scanner is small enough to be comfortably held in a pen grip
  • The ELETRA SMART also includes cutting-edge, coded structural light (CSL) technology. This is an exciting development for the industry and generates 3D data with fewer errors and higher efficiency. 

Browse the ELECTRA SMART brochure:

Here’s the deal:

The ELETRA SMART is a superior scanner, but it’s price is what sets it apart from its competitors. I will be selling this to my customers at an all-in package price of £6,999 but I honestly feel it is worth a lot more.

The package includes:

  • An ELETRA SMART (including three-year warranty)
  • A high-spec laptop
  • Installation support
  • Online training and
  • After-sales care.

Are you Interested? Click here to learn more, request further information or book an online one-to-one demonstration.

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