A week in the life of a dental businesswoman

Anushika Brogan reveals what her weekly routine looks like and why she always carves out time for family, friends and herself.

I thrive on routine and structure as the foundation to a healthy work-life balance. Given the fast-paced nature of my work, I’ve learned the importance of instilling a sense of order into my personal life.

I recognise that I can’t effectively manage chaos both professionally and personally, and thus work requires a greater degree of structure. Fortunately, my team acknowledges this and understands that I operate at a very quick pace.

Let me start by giving you a bit of an introduction to my life. I have three children, each at a different stage of life. My eldest is 21, my middle child is about to turn 18, and my youngest is seven years old. As you can imagine, managing this range of age groups under one roof requires some juggling.

The Damira Dental Head office is just a 15-minute drive from my home, conveniently via the school run. While I used to personally do the school run, my increasing workload has necessitated a change in how I manage my time.


The beginning of the work week can often set the tone for the days that follow. For me, this kicks off with a productive Monday morning.

My day starts at 4am when my alarm goes off. Yes, it’s early! I leave home to go for a morning run and then join my husband for a bootcamp in the park. At 6:30am, my live-in nanny helps in getting my children ready for the day, allowing me to enjoy some quality time with them when I return from bootcamp. Afterwards, my husband takes over for the school drop-off, and I have some time for a quick shower.

I usually leave for work at around 7:30am to arrive at my desk by 8am. Once I’m there I have my breakfast while going through my emails. To prepare for the week, I often catch up on emails on Sunday night, ensuring I’m well-prepared for what awaits me on Monday.

Monday mornings are dedicated to our senior leadership team meeting. During this meeting, we review last week’s data, address ongoing issues and discuss the upcoming week. These weekly meetings play a crucial role in keeping the team informed and ensuring effective communication. In the past, when we neglected these meetings, it led to a lack of clarity about the business’s status and performance.

A typical Monday involves handling escalated practice issues and focusing on strategic initiatives. Currently, we’re involved in various tasks, including implementing software changes to enhance practice efficiency.

I usually finish my workday around 6pm and head home for dinner. Afterward, my daughter’s bedtime is around 7:30pm on school nights, and my son completes his homework before spending some more quality time with my husband and me.


On Tuesdays, my day is dedicated to clinical practice. I typically start my morning with a gym session and return home by 6am. I value the morning moments spent with my children before heading off to work.

My workday begins at 8am in Oxford and carries on until around 6pm in the evening. By 7pm, I’m back home, just in time to say goodnight to my daughter.

Evenings are my time to unwind and recharge. When I arrive home, I briefly check my emails for about half an hour, but I make a conscious effort not to carry on for too long. My team knows the importance of switching off once they leave the office; by 7pm communication naturally tapers off as we all appreciate this downtime.

If I do ever send anybody an email or a message after work hours, there is never an expectation for an immediate response!

My team knows the importance of switching off once they leave the office; by 7pm communication naturally tapers off as we all appreciate this downtime.


My Wednesdays mirror my Mondays, starting at 4am with exercise.

Exercise is a necessary routine for me, helping me clear my mind. Recently, I’ve swapped running for biking due to an injury. The peaceful early morning roads offer a much-needed break from the chaos of the day. It’s so important for wellbeing.

On Wednesdays, I am able to wrap up my work a bit earlier. Mondays are always absolutely manic in the office, so Wednesdays are a little bit easier. I typically finish around 5pm on a Wednesday and try to get home at a reasonable time so I can see the kids and catch up with them.


My Thursdays vary but are often dedicated to going out to practices. This involves visiting dentists and seeing first-hand what’s going on in practice. This approach allows me to effectively evaluate any existing issues and to offer support, encouragement or coaching where needed.


Fridays are my work-from-home days and I often meet friends for lunch. I might also pick up my daughter or meet my son if he’s home from university.

In the evenings, we have dinner together, or I go out with my husband, friends or family. Socialising is important to me; I enjoy going out, having fun and just being myself.

Being with friends lets me relax and be carefree, a welcome break from my usual responsibilities. I’m known for my love of planning – I make it a point to arrange our next get-together before we part ways. Friends always laugh because my well-organised schedule keeps them waiting for months to find an available time!

The weekend

On Saturdays, I try to have a well-deserved lie-in, which is often interrupted by the kids! During the day, we savour quality family time, whether it’s a visit to my parents’ house or spending time with friends.

Sundays are usually reserved for a long run with my friends, and in the day, we will spend time with family.

During school holidays, we visit the holiday home we bought in France, where we can go either skiing or mountain biking. I make a conscious effort to maintain a healthy work-life balance, ensuring that my life doesn’t become solely focused on work.

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