A great scan is just the beginning

Make your TRIOS scan even more incredible

With 3Shape Unite, you can make your TRIOS scan even more incredible – 3Shape explains how you can unlock a whole new world of possibilities for scanning with TRIOS.

Your scan does more than you think. When it’s connected to patient outcomes, magic happens. Meet 3Shape Unite, the engine that makes your TRIOS scan even more incredible, unlocking a whole new world of possibilities.

Treatments made simple

Make your treatments a breeze. Every step is designed to be simple, ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish. Benefit from guided and straightforward workflows, and efficiently manage patients and cases while communicating seamlessly with your chosen Unite partner or lab.

Dental apps made accessible

Discover accessible dental apps at your fingertips. The Unite Store offers a multitude of options, granting you the freedom to choose the very best solutions. Enhance your productivity and collaborations with 3Shape, labs, and treatment providers.

‘An unparalleled scanning experience’

The 3Shape TRIOS gives you accurate scans and an unparalleled scanning experience. Experience precision with 3Shape TRIOS, delivering accurate scans and an unmatched scanning journey.

With 3Shape Unite, the workflow engine, a world of possibilities is opened up, seamlessly connected to your scan. It unites everything from digital impression to treatment conclusion, creating a comprehensive and cohesive process.

With TRIOS also comes after-sales care from the teams who have your goals in mind. Your learning is continuously covered by 3Shape Academy and 3Shape Community. Your support questions are expertly covered by 3Shape Customer Care. And your investment is fully covered by the TRIOS Care service plan.

Get a demo or find more information on how to use the 3Shape TRIOS below.

Ready to get on board with TRIOS? Request a demo or a quick 15-min chat with our team here. Get in touch on 01183 151 300 or explore more here.

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