‘You will face a lot of judgement’ – succeeding in business as a woman in dentistry

Anushika Brogan explains how the dental landscape is changing as more women enter business and why it is crucial that they are properly supported.

For a long time, there have been many women in dentistry, but opportunities for higher positions have often been limited. I wanted to demonstrate and inspire women to believe that they can own and operate a dental corporation in what has traditionally been perceived as a male-dominated field. As the founder and CEO of Damira Dental, I aim to show those who doubt women’s capabilities that they are indeed capable.

A significant portion of women in dentistry come from multicultural backgrounds, where traditional gender roles dictate that the man works while the woman stays at home to raise children or works part-time. However, this narrative has evolved, especially in the UK in 2023.

It’s crucial to learn from those of us who have relentlessly strived to break these barriers and to showcase that it’s possible. We must think in an innovative way and be willing to approach things differently. It’s essential to demonstrate that women can thrive and excel in what has historically been perceived as a male-dominated sphere.

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Finding a balance

Men will, inevitably, encounter women in various aspects of their careers. Understanding the challenges women face – balancing work and home responsibilities, dealing with sick children, among other things – is crucial. It’s essential to show empathy and support, particularly for those who are juggling multiple roles.

Why should people care about women’s struggles? Because empathy and understanding pave the way for a more supportive environment. If one hopes to achieve success, building a strong support network is vital. Personally, I rely on such a network, both at work and at home. At work, I have a PA who assists me with organisational tasks, allowing me to focus on higher-level responsibilities. Similarly, at home, I delegate chores to an au pair, my husband looks after a great deal of our home responsibilities ensuring that the time I spend with my children is quality time.

Delegation is key to managing multiple responsibilities effectively. It’s impossible to excel in a career without leveraging the support of others. Moreover, there’s a cultural aspect to this challenge. When I was pregnant and buying my first practice, I faced concern from my mother, who thought it would be difficult to raise a child and be in person. With the support of my father at the time, I persevered and succeeded.

People do face a lot of judgement. People do face a lot of opposition. I think having a support network in other people is really, really important.

Anushika Brogan will be speaking at the Celebrating Women in Dentistry Lounge at the North of England Dentistry Show this March.

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