Time to review the running of your NHS practice?

Patient Plan Direct addresses some of the issues that can occur when running an NHS practice and provides some potential solutions.

Concerned about hitting UDA targets as we head towards the end of the current cycle?

Disillusioned with the recently released NHS dental recovery plan?

Struggling to recruit and retain resources that are motivated to deliver NHS dentistry in its current guise?

If your answer to any of the above is ‘yes’ and you are an NHS dentist who is considering a transition from NHS to private dentistry, this article could help you decide on your next move to improve your practice’s operational efficiency, financial stability and strategic planning for a successful and satisfying future.

We have been implementing dental membership plans within practices successfully at Patient Plan Direct for almost 15 years. Should you decide to incorporate plans as part of an NHS to private transition, you’ll benefit from a steady monthly income, which will create a more robust and profitable practice.

Operational efficiency 

Transitioning to private dentistry is not just a financial decision. It’s a step towards creating a more operationally efficient practice. Private dental plans allow practices to streamline operations, ensuring a more focused and patient-centric approach. The steady monthly income from dental plans enables better resource planning, allowing for investment in advanced equipment, materials, and team training.

Financial stability with dental plans

The financial stability that comes with dental plans removes the uncertainty associated with the NHS UDA model. With that dependable plan income, there is the ability to build a robust and resilient business. Being able to charge fees that you determine gives you the stability and control to create a sustainable business model. So you can say goodbye to a time poor and target driven environment, allowing for a more stable financial future.

Strategic planning for future success 

Implementing private dental plans is not just about the present; it’s an investment in the future. For practice owners contemplating an exit strategy further down the line, the reliability of cash flow can positively and significantly enhance a dental practice’s overall valuation. Therefore, establishing the appropriate structure within the practice sooner rather than later is paramount. It will provide a solid foundation for long-term exit strategy success.

Navigating the NHS to private conversion

While transitioning from NHS to private dentistry is daunting, Patient Plan Direct specialises in making this process more manageable. Our expert planning and support mean that any conversion becomes a strategic move rather than a challenging hurdle.

We begin with an independent review, assessing your practice dynamics, which is crucial to a successful transition. From there, an in-depth financial analysis allows us to advise on an ideal plan structure and to forecast the plan revenue that would be required to replace your current NHS income (alongside private treatment income). With our expertise and experience, we can identify how implementing private dental plans can bring value to your practice in more ways than one.

Principal Orla O’Herlihy is one of many of our clients who successfully transitioned from NHS practice to private dentistry with our expert support. Watch the video to hear her share why she decided to implement private dental plans and how the experience with Patient Plan Direct resulted in a highly successful conversion.

Low fees

At Patient Plan Direct, our low fees set us apart. Should you complete an NHS to private conversion, you retain more of your plan income. Here’s how we achieve this:

  • Transparent fee structure – you only pay for the services you receive, with no hidden or inflated charges
  • You won’t be charged for unnecessary services you may not require, such as compliance, telephone counselling, or accreditations – we focus on your specific dental plan needs and nothing else
  • We avoid overspending on our marketing campaigns or on lavish client events. Keeping our marketing costs low ensures we can keep our fees low too
  • As a privately owned business, we don’t have vast overheads.

Our commitment to cost-effective dental plan administration allows us to provide outstanding value while delivering exceptional service.

Let’s see how we can help you

The transition from NHS to private dentistry and the implementation of private dental plans can be transformative. If you want to explore transitioning your practice, let’s schedule a no-obligation meeting to arrange an independent practice review. This is where we consider your practice’s unique factors and forecast the financial projections to achieve a successful conversion.

If you decide to proceed, we work with you to optimise your plan base, provide marketing support, communicate the changes effectively with patients, and deliver bespoke plan training to your practice team.

Get in touch today for more information: www.patientplandirect.com/NHS.

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