Volume three of 100 GBT Clinical Cases unveiled

100 GBT clinical cases

The third edition of 100 GBT Clinical Cases showcases the versatility and efficacy of guided biofilm therapy (GBT) in a number of key dental scenarios, writes Celso da Costa.

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi: ‘It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.’

This is a principle that resonates deeply within the dental profession. In line with this ideology, the third instalment of the 100 GBT Clinical Cases eBook highlights the adaptability of GBT. It also showcases its effectiveness across a wide range of clinical scenarios.

GBT represents the forefront of dental biofilm management, employing cutting-edge AIRFLOW, PERIOFLOW and PIEZON technologies. Its efficacy is backed by robust scientific research, and it offers a customised treatment protocol based on the individual diagnosis and risk assessment of each patient. This ensures the best possible outcomes. Treatments are administered in the least invasive manner, prioritising patient comfort, safety and efficiency. 

Meeting every challenge 

This latest edition of 100 GBT Clinical Cases brings together a wide range of experienced and well-respected clinicians. These experts their insights and experiences with GBT in treating patients of all ages, from children to older adults.

Special attention is given to the application of GBT in aesthetic dentistry. This includes patients with various types of restorations and prostheses, highlighting the simplicity and effectiveness of GBT.

The volume also addresses the challenging area of treating medically compromised patients. It includes case studies where GBT has been successfully and safely applied to individuals with various conditions and diseases. Additionally, the utility of GBT in the elderly population is emphasised. This reinforces the notion that GBT is not only safe and efficient but offers a high degree of patient comfort.

Maintenance matters too

A significant portion of the cases focuses on supportive periodontal therapy, underlining the importance of regular follow-up care.

Indeed, GBT stands as a cornerstone when it comes to long-term maintenance following periodontal treatments. It focuses on the prevention and control of periodontal diseases through the meticulous management of biofilm. This offers a sustainable solution for oral health maintenance, emphasising the importance of gentle yet effective dental care practices.

Bearing in mind the crucial importance of GBT, the publication 100 GBT Clinical Cases also highlights a significant number of maintenance scenarios. It emphasises the need for early intervention in gum disease progression, targeting reversible gingivitis to prevent its possible progression to periodontitis.

This proactive approach not only addresses the immediate health of the gums but also offers long-term benefits for patients’ physical and psychological wellbeing, showcasing the comprehensive advantages of timely and effective dental care.

A global approach

Featuring contributions from esteemed dental practitioners worldwide, from North America to Europe, Asia to Australia, this eBook offers a comprehensive view of the revolutionary impact of GBT.

Each case study is complemented by patient feedback post-treatment. This showcases the comfort and satisfaction experienced by those treated with the GBT protocol.

Ultimately, this edition of the 100 GBT Clinical Cases is an essential resource for dental professionals. It expands upon the achievements of previous editions, introducing a new compilation of clinical cases that further demonstrate the positive impact of the GBT protocol.

So, seize this opportunity to enhance your knowledge, elevate your practice, and make a lasting difference in the lives of your patients.

Begin your journey by downloading the eBook today here, and transform your approach to oral prophylaxis with GBT.

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