The matrix system you need at a price you can afford

Matrix system

Bryan Kilgallen explains what to look out for in a matrix system and discusses the benefits of myQuickmat Forte Matrix from Polydentia.

We all know that there are plenty of matrix systems on the market to choose from. I personally have been through quite a few over the years, with some being more intuitive than others. Different systems have varying levels of quality, kits with varying contents and of course, there is the element of price.

‘I’ve found a matrix system that, for me, ticks all the boxes’

The myQuickmat Forte Matrix from Polydentia is a Swiss made system, developed to offer strong tooth separation. This creates excellent contact points in the restoration of Class II cavities. The system allows the clinician to restore teeth with different crown heights as well as teeth with large cavity preparations or missing cusps, by using ‘myTines’ – interchangeable ring extremities.

There are two kits available – a standard kit and starter kit. The Starter Kit is enough for me.

‘The dark blue matrices increase contrast and reduce the glare effect’

One of my favourite components of the kit is the LumiContrast. Thanks to the colour of these dark blue matrices, increasing contrast and reducing the glare effect, they make it is remarkably easier to see the margins around the tooth, especially when wearing loupes.

The Starter Kit also contains the new QuickmatFLEX sectional matrices. These are made from ultra-thin titanium and have incredible elasticity. They spring back into their original shape without deformation. Saying that, these matrices also have enough rigidity for optimal placement. They really do provide the perfect balance of flexibility and stiffness, saving time due to fewer finishing steps being required.

‘The ends of the myRing Forte wrap gently around the tooth’

Arguably one of the most important pieces of a matrix system is the ring. The myQuickmat Forte Kits contain myRing Forte. This is a double spring separator ring which offers very strong tooth separation, giving tight contact points, with the ends wrapping gently around the tooth. The beauty of myRing Forte is that it doesn’t appear to diminish with use. At the extremities, you can add myTines, giving flexibility and adaptability when restoring different crown heights.

The myTines are versatile extremities which provide precise adaptation of the Polydentia sectional matrix used to restore teeth with different crown heights, as well as teeth with large cavity preparations or missing cusps. I find it so easy to adapt the matrix without having issues with stability. The myTines are autoclavable, interchangeable and replaceable and can also be used with other Polydentia matrix systems.

The final components of the myQuickmat Forte Starter Kit are of course, the wedges. myWedges are V-shaped wedges made from a hi-tech plastic material. The wedges have an interesting hollow V shape, which allows them to compress and adapt to the interproximal anatomy of the tooth. The wedges are brightly coloured for easy identification and have a gripped head to prevent sliding.

‘A quality, efficient and economic choice’

My final point about the myQuickmat Forte Starter Kit is the price. Matrix systems range in price and quality quite dramatically. I was surprised at the price point and quality of this system. With the outstanding Swiss quality, it doesn’t have the price tag to match – making it a quality, efficient and economic choice to add to your restorative solutions.

The kits and refills are available through all main dental retailers.

For further information you can visit or contact J&S Davis directly on 01438 747344 or email [email protected] .

Special offer: buy myQuickmat Forte Starter Kit get a pack of 50 Microthin sectional matrices free. Subject to availability, while stocks last.

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