Take a sneak peek behind the scenes at Aura Infection Control

Aura Infection Control, the United Kingdom and Ireland’s premier supplier of dental decontamination products, invites you to step behind the curtains and explore the inner workings of its state-of-the-art facilities.

Offering a comprehensive range of products to ensure dental practices meet the highest standards of hygiene and safety, Aura’s dedication to quality, efficiency, and sustainability sets it apart in the dental industry. 

Step inside their warehouses 

Aura Infection Control’s bustling warehouses are the heart of their operation. Each day, they dispatch thousands of critical dental decontamination products, ensuring that dental practices receive the essentials they need to maintain a safe environment for patients and staff. 

Range of products 

Aura’s impressive product catalogue spans a wide spectrum of dental decontamination items, with leading brands such as Alpron, Bilpron, BC San, and of course, dental unit waterline samplers. These essential products are the cornerstones of infection control in dental practices, providing peace of mind to dental professionals and their patients. 

Swift and accurate deliveries 

One of Aura’s defining features is its commitment to delivering products as swiftly as possible. When dental practices place orders with Aura, they can trust that their supplies will arrive promptly. Additionally, all orders undergo rigorous accuracy checks to ensure that the right products are delivered, reducing the margin for error and enhancing customer satisfaction. 

Expert guidance 

Selecting the correct product for specific tasks can be a daunting challenge. Aura Infection Control understands the unique needs of dental professionals and offers expert guidance to help customers make informed decisions. Its team is always ready to provide valuable advice, ensuring that the right products are chosen for any situation. 

Unbeatable value 

Aura takes pride in offering the best value to its customers. Its dedication to providing top-quality products at competitive prices has earned a reputation for excellence. This commitment to affordability ensures that dental practices can access the best infection control solutions without busting the budget. 

Sustainability at the core 

As we move towards a more sustainable future, Aura Infection Control is actively engaged in environmental responsibility. It employs recyclable packaging materials at every opportunity, reinforcing its commitment to shared sustainability goals. By reducing waste and encouraging eco-friendly practices, Aura aims to help protect the planet while serving the dental community. 

Free deliveries for orders over £75 

Aura Infection Control’s dedication to customer satisfaction extends to its delivery services. For orders totalling £75 or more, it offers free delivery (at the time of press). This cost-saving benefit further highlights Aura’s dedication to supporting dental practices and making infection control accessible to all. 

Aura Infection Control’s commitment to excellence, efficiency, sustainability, and affordability makes it the go-to supplier for dental decontamination products in the UK and Ireland. With a wide range of products, swift and accurate deliveries, expert guidance, and an unwavering focus on sustainability, it’s more than just a supplier – it’s a partner in ensuring the highest standards of safety and hygiene in the dental industry. 

For more information or to explore their complete range of products, please visit Aura Infection Control’s website at aiconline.co.uk. 

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