Exploring new horizons in dentistry using 3D printing

Dr Sina Ghezel, a forward-thinking dentist at Apolline Dental, has undergone a remarkable transformation in his dental practice through the incorporation of Sprintray’s 3D printing dental solutions. This journey epitomises the fusion of modern technology and dental excellence.  

In 2019, Dr Gahzel, after acquiring his first dental practice, was filled with the zeal to usher in efficiency and elevate the quality of patient care. Apolline Dental, a practice steeped in tradition, boasted a small onsite laboratory. 

Here, dentists crafted models, whitening trays, and retainers using traditional methods. However, Dr Gahzel’s forward-thinking mindset was captivated by the potential of 3D printing. He believed it to be the future of dentistry.  

His quest for the optimal 3D printing solution led him through intensive online research. He took the plunge by purchasing a 3D printer from Amazon.co.uk. However, the journey quickly revealed the truism that in the realm of 3D printing, quality is paramount. The initial printer he acquired left much to be desired, being painfully slow and ineffective.  

Not one to settle for mediocrity, Dr Gahzel made a pivotal decision just a week later. He invested in a top-tier 3D printer from a renowned 3D printing company. As a result, he transformed his practice into a hub of innovation. This professional-grade setup introduced higher functionality and a substantial boost in printing capacity, leading to successful utilisation for over 18 months.  

Proactive approach

In 2022, Dr Gahzel’s path led him to Sprintray, a game-changer in the dental industry. What impressed him most was Sprintray’s unwavering dedication to the dental market, evident in their proactive approach to addressing the shortcomings of his previous 3D printing setup.

Sprintray’s planning software, 3D printer and post-processing capabilities were meticulously tailored to meet the specific demands of a busy dental practice like Apolline Dental. Moreover, the improved speed and efficiency of the printer resulted in rapid turnarounds. This is a crucial factor for a practice committed to excellence.  

As the Sprintray 3D printer became an integral part of Apolline Dental’s daily operations, Dr Gahzel recognised the importance of equipping a staff member with the skills to plan prints, operate the equipment, and ensure its proper maintenance.

While designing dental prostheses was undoubtedly time-consuming, Dr. Gahzel understood that it was a task that couldn’t be delegated casually. This is where Sprintray’s AI planning tool and cloud design service emerged as lifesavers, particularly for intricate projects such as nightguards.

The streamlined process allowed for the effortless upload of IOS scans, a small payment and a swift return of print-ready designs.  

Forefront of innovation

Today, Apolline Dental’s Sprintray 3D printer operates continuously, delivering an exceptional patient experience by significantly reducing turnaround times for models, whitening trays, and retainers.

With the assistance of Sprintray’s cloud design service, the practice has excelled in crafting 3D printed splints and ventured into the promising realm of 3D printed crowns and bridges. The best part is that they can produce these at a fraction of the cost of traditional laboratory methods, and, more importantly, considerably faster.  

Fast forward to 2023, Dr Gahzel and his team are at the forefront of dental innovation. They explore new horizons in temporary crowns and anticipating the continual evolution of resin technology.

The impact of 3D printing on the practice has been profound. It is undeniable that it is now a standard fixture in the world of dental care.

This journey has been empowered by Sprintray, a vital partner in shaping the future of Apolline Dental, where technology and dental excellence converge.  

Get in touch for a demo or further information www.marketing.eu.sprintray.com/scedule-a-demo-with-sprintray.

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