The Dental Hygienist Roadshow is going virtual!

Dental Hygienist Roadshow webinar series

In collaboration with Dentistry Webinars, Johnson & Johnson presents a series of webinars tailored specifically for dental professionals who were unable to attend the Dental Hygienist Roadshow in person this year.

Dont miss out on the pinnacle of 2023’s dynamic dental hygiene event – The Dental Hygienist Roadshow.

This enlightening journey across UK cities by esteemed speakers, Professor Iain Chapple, Simone Ruzario, Benjamin Tighe and Laura Bailey, will now conclude in style with a riveting set of webinars.

Dive deep into:

  • The current ramifications of periodontitis on the UK populace
  • The vital role of plaque control in gingivitis management
  • How dental hygienists and dental therapists can spur patient behavioural evolution.

As Laura Bailey passionately notes: ‘The roadshow has reignited a passion for championing patient health via behavioural modifications. Embracing the roadshow, especially the Q&A forum, unveiled a world of opportunity. It provided in-depth clarity on why gingivitis is now the focal point.’

A golden opportunity

Each webinar offers a golden opportunity for attendees to raise concerns and pose questions directly to the experts – Professor Iain Chapple, Benjamin Tighe, and Laura Bailey.

This segment has proven to be a knowledge powerhouse, updating delegates on breakthrough research and the British Society of Periodontology’s (BSP) S3 Level Periodontal Treatment Guidelines.

It also provides an invaluable opportunity for delegates to ask questions and receive feedback from the trio on how to encourage patients to embrace new behaviours and habits.

Reflecting on his own journey to this point, Benjamin Tighe said: ‘Professor Chapple was pivotal in modifying my perspective on mouthwash. His presentation made the evidence clear and accessible. This roadshow epitomises an open dialogue. Its not just a platform for us to share, but also for delegates to voice their opinions.’

Last call

With the UK-wide roadshow now complete, these webinars represent your last chance to get in the know.

Empower yourself with groundbreaking insights, methodologies and tools presented by Professor Chapple, Benjamin Tighe and Laura Bailey.

The roadshow’s primary objective was to equip dental hygienists and dental therapists with the latest insights, tools and methods. These webinars are also geared towards aiding dental experts in their commitment to offering unparalleled care to the UK’s dental patients.

The knowledge you acquire will empower you to guide your patients towards cultivating habits that will support improved oral health continuity.

Professor Chapple wraps up with this thought: ‘The forum has been an open platform for interactive discussions. Its been a place where knowledge exchange happens freely. These interactions have significantly enriched our main lectures. To me, the true essence of these discussions is the mutual learning experience.’

Ensure you stay at the forefront of dental hygiene and dental therapy practices. Reserve your spot now for this invaluable webinar series.

Mark your calendars for 7, 8, and 9 November 2023. Dive deep into the world of dental hygiene and dental therapy and stay updated with the latest advancements. Simply visit to register.

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