‘Dentists speaking to dentists’ – standing out in the world of dental indemnity insurance

Tom Hester, senior vice president at Densura, explains what it is that sets them apart in the world of dental indemnity insurance.

Please tell us a little bit about the history of Densura.

We formed a little over 11 years ago, as Oasis Indemnity working with the Oasis Dental Group. Densura was formed a few years later.

The main focus really was a request from the clinical director at Oasis to bring something to the market that was a little bit different. But also something that was sustainable, cost effective, and had a contract of insurance giving dentists some guarantee of cover.

What makes Densura different?

It’s not about reinventing the wheel. We decided to look at what was out there and see where we could offer something that was similar to what a dentist was used to, but then actually add to it.

Our main focus was to step away from discretionary indemnity – we wanted to offer a contractual indemnity policy. We then back that up with dentists who all have a legal qualification and work alongside us.

The idea is that as a dentist, if you do have an issue, and you need to speak to us, you can do so within a two-hour period of getting in touch. It’s about saying to a dentist: ‘you’re not the only one, this is happening to others – let’s get this resolved quickly.’

Can you can you tell us a little bit more about the claim service you offer?

It’s something that we at Densura are super proud of. From day one, we’ve had dentists involved in the process – Julian Perry was integral in getting us up and running and actually being the voice of dentists. It was really important that we had dentists speaking to dentists.

We take a very high-level synopsis of the situation and then reflect on who would be best to speak to. As I said earlier, we will get you in touch with one of our advisors within two hours. This includes calls in the evenings and also at the weekend on occasion.

From there, you have a dedicated handler who you speak to throughout the process. This way, you get to build a relationship with them.

Additionally, where we’ve had dentists with the misfortune of more than one notification during their time with us, they tend to go back to the same advisor again because they have built up that relationship and trust.

How would a dentist get a quote?

There’s nothing worse than a lengthy process. You simply go onto densura.com, click the apply button and answer a short set of questions. It takes about five to 10 minutes.

Once you click submit, it goes straight to our dedicated team – they just make sure that the system has done its bit, underwritten the risk correctly and produced a quote. You’ll get an email to log into our portal where all the information is saved. The nice thing about it moving forward is if you do choose to proceed with Densura, you have a nice central portal where all of your documents are.

For more information visit www.densura.com.

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