‘It blew my mind’ – how the iTero scanner transformed my dentistry

In this video detailing the power of Align Technology’s iTero digital scanner, Dr Raj Juneja, principal dentist at Face Teeth Smile, explains why it is the one piece of digital kit he and his team use every day, for every patient.

He explains how he became a strong exponent of iTero some six years ago after tiring of treating patients with what he calls ‘old techniques’ and finding it difficult to communicate with them about the treatments he knew were best for their needs.

‘That’s when I came across the iTero digital scanner. It blew my mind to find that not only could I use it as a record keeping device… I could actually use it as a huge communication device for my patients,’ he says.

Every patient is now scanned prior to treatment – something Dr Juneja says has been instrumental in the trajectory of his dental career.

Latest technology

‘The iTero scanner enabled me to build a patient base that recognised me as a leader in digital dentistry, as someone at the cutting-edge of digital dentistry and who wants to do the best for their patients.’

In this video he explains how his practice now has two iTero scanners which every member of his team understands how to use – from associate dentists to specialists, the hygienist, nurses and treatment coordinators. If they are GDC registered, they use the iTero scanner.

He also talks through a case study in which he performed a same-day smile makeover, fitting 10 porcelain veneers, something Dr Juneja stresses would not have been possible without the latest digital technology – specifically the iTero scanner.

‘Simply put, if I didn’t have my iTero scanner, it would be like losing my right hand,’ he concludes.

To find out more and to watch Dr Raj Juneja’s video register here.

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