A new premium ceramic brush with Bionic Hair

renfert ceramic brush

Renfert presents lay:art evo, a new generation of ceramic brush – longer service life with natural hair characteristics.

The lay:art evo from Renfert (Hilzingen) marks a paradigm shift in ceramic brushes. Needs have changed in the daily laboratory routine when it comes to ceramics, and Renfert is responding to those changes. The lay:art evo reflects today’s dental lifestyle. The Bionic Hair, which has been newly developed for Renfert, enables an exceptionally long service life, perfect moisture management and a precise tip. As a pioneer, the lay:art evo offers next level ease of work – ‘making work easy’.

The new lay:art evo ceramic brush from Renfert meets all the demands of the daily ceramic routine and is economically and environmentally sustainable, too: a touch of genius that is also state of the art.

Experience in tune with the times: a virtuoso performance from Renfert

The lay:art evo is built on more than 40 years of Renfert experience, blended with a passion for dental technology and a desire to explore new approaches. Research and development work have resulted in a unique ceramic brush that sets new standards.

In collaboration with research institutes and partner companies, a bionic fiber was identified that meets the exact requirements of day-to-day work with ceramic. As a result, the lay:art evo combines all the advantages of a synthetic and a natural hair brush and also impresses with its exceptional durability. Combined with responsible management of limited resources (species protection), lay:art evo is more than just an alternative – lay:art evo is the solution. 

Tip-top: a brush with Bionic Hair

The Bionic Hair (brush tip made of bionic fibers) stands for optimal moisture absorption and release as well as for a slender brush tip. The fineness, elasticity, and stability of the brush tip allow targeted layering.

Thanks to greater tension and stiffness, even the smallest quantities of ceramic can be taken up and applied perfectly. The tension of Bionic Hair is maintained throughout the layering process. At the same time, the special molecular structure allows it to absorb moisture and replicate the typical flame shape.

Together, both aspects demonstrate the characteristic moisture management, which also distinguishes natural bristle brushes. What’s more: The structure of the fiber grants a significantly longer service life than conventional brushes, without separation or ‘bunching’.

A solid grip on quality: handpieces with premium anodised aluminum

The lay:art evo also offers impressive haptics. The brush fits perfectly in your hand. The surface of the handle – from the top of the handle to the end of the ferrule – is made from premium quality anodised aluminum. The tapered shape of the handle allows your hand to relax while holding it.

Light as a feather: the handpiece is not heavy and is balanced towards the middle. Smart ergonomics mean that your hand doesn’t get tired, even on long days of layering. Renfert has stayed true to the popular lay:art philosophy of allowing the brush to be customized using exchangeable color cap handle tops in a variety of colors. The color cap provides lay:art with a visual highlight.

A friend for life: refill-based approach to work with replaceable tips

The lay:art evo meets the need for careful use of resources and impresses with its innovative Bionic Hair that supports ecological and economical sustainability. The refill insert also lives up to this claim. The brush tip could not be easier to replace. There’s nothing to it: replace the brush tip, keep your usual handle. This means that the brush is also cost-effective.

Ground-breaking: a best-in-class product that also sets the pace

The lay:art evo with Bionic Hair represents the bridging of nature and technology. Inspired by the gracefulness and precision of a natural hair brush; optimized for the economic requirements (longevity) and ecological demands (species protection) of the modern laboratory routine.

The lay:art evo impresses with incredible dental product detail and pragmatic functionality. The benefits are literally tangible. The Bionic Hair offers a delicate tip with durable tension and outstanding longevity. Ergonomic design and low weight ensure easy, relaxed handling during layering. The robust choice of handle material and refills ensure a long service life.

Modern dental lifestyle: lay:art evo meets all the requirements of a high-end brush and impresses with ecological and economical sustainability. In other words, the new art of layering is unmistakably Renfert: ‘making work easy’.

Learn more at www.renfert.com/lay-art-evo.

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