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In the latest episode of Dentistry Cribs, Dr Linda Greenwall shows us around her multidisciplinary practice and details the technology she has invested in to provide her patients with the best treatment.

Linda Greenwall needs little introduction. She helped set up the public-facing Tooth Whitening Information Group (TWIG) to help inform the public of safe routes to brightening their smiles.

She also spearheaded the British Dental Bleaching Society, which has campaigned long and hard for legislative clarity about whitening, while also training and educating dentists and their teams in effective delivery.

Atop of this, she is a charitable tour de force, having set up the Dental Wellness Trust (DWT), a charity founded more than a decade ago to deliver dental care to those most in need – in particular, and more recently, to children in the UK who have been adversely impacted by the cost of living crisis.

Huge renovation

All this whilst running her multidisciplinary private practice in Hampstead, north London. Her practice underwent a huge renovation in 2017, expanding to five surgeries, with a CT scan and OPG room. This helped to serve a wider scope of patients, with referrals plentiful.

Linda’s professional eye for aesthetic excellence extends to the interior design of her clinic, too. She completely renovated the practice in the spring of 2018. White walls, airy walkways, large windows and eye-catching wall art provide an ambience that complements the high-quality care her and her team of clinicians offer.

The chairs too have been carefully chosen to not only look great but also accommodate a multitude of clinicians and patients, all with varying needs and expectations.

‘I have been a huge fan of Belmont chairs since I qualified due to their design and comfort,’ Linda says. ‘I was, therefore, never in any doubt that I would continue to use these chairs again.’

‘Beautifully designed’

Last year, she extended again to include a sixth surgery. Adding facial aesthetics to the clinic’s treatment options, it meant a rethink on surgery space.

‘Early this year, the need for a sixth surgery was evident. So we started planning the renovation of a therapy room. We discussed the possibilities with Henry Schein and we were delighted when they mentioned that Belmont were bringing out a new chair, with digital features, a sleek look and a folding leg rest, making it an ideal size for smaller surgeries.

‘We completed the surgery fit-out in six weeks, and the chair is a great addition. Not only is it beautifully designed and comfortable, but there are also great new features that take this chair to the next level.

‘It is ideal for dentists who need to work in a relaxed manner, whilst also ensuring the comfort of their patients.  Both considerations are particularly pertinent for lengthier treatments’.

The therapy room is multifunctional and will accommodate whitening as well as general dentistry and facial aesthetics.

For Linda, providing patients with access to quality dentistry is paramount. Her focus on their needs evident. And it is testimony to this awareness that sets her apart.

Whether it’s organising a fundraiser for her philanthropic work or creating stunning dentistry in her beautifully equipped surgery, she continues to strive to make that difference.

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