CBCT – a sound investment

Pravin Kadam discusses his experience with a Vatech CBCT machine

Restorative and endodontic dentist of 24 years Pravin Kadam discusses how he came to purchase his own CBCT equipment when he built up his practice.

As an endodontist, I became interested in finding the best solution for when endodontic re-treatment was not viable for teeth. Where a tooth could not be saved, the next best option was a dental implant, which motivated me to look into the field.

I sought training in the form of an MSc in Dental Implantology, for which I moved to the UK in 2010. I found that some of the best training and research in the area was here, plus I was impressed by the transparency and ethics of studies and programmes available in the UK.

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT)

When I started providing implants in practice, I realised very early on the importance of CBCT for successful treatment. Implant placement is a 3D process, so you need to understand the anatomy in all three dimensions.

Traditionally, clinicians used bone mapping, but this would have often been painful for the patient and time-consuming for all involved. CBCT soon became a better alternative and it is now a mandatory part of treatment planning for implants.

Personally, I have not placed a single implant in the thousands of cases I have now completed without first taking a CBCT image.

Of course, before I had access to an in-house CBCT machine, this meant referring patients to another establishment for 3D imaging. I was performing around 20-30 implant consultations every week, so the referral process was having a significant impact on my treatment times and general efficiency of treatment planning.

I was working with turnaround times of approximately 15 days from initial scan to presenting the treatment plan to the patient, for which they had to return to the practice for a second appointment.

CBCT was top of the list

When I was in a position to buy my own practice, investing in a CBCT machine was high on the priority list. Having it on-site means I can take a scan in minutes and during the consultation appointment for a far easier and more streamlined treatment process. Patients really appreciate the level of service this creates.

In addition, the in-house CBCT makes it easier to follow up surgical treatment with a 3D image to confirm correct positioning of the implant.

When it came to choosing the CBCT brand, I received a recommendation from existing trade partner, Sweden & Martina Ltd, who led me to Vatech. I wanted the best equipment on the market and ended up comparing a couple of models to make the best decision for me.

I chose the Green X CBCT and have been nothing but impressed by it. With all the right settings in place, the quality of the images is extremely superior to others on the market. They offer the best clarity I have seen in CBCT images over the past 10 years! This gives me greater confidence and trust in my case assessments and treatment plans, as I know exactly what I’m working with.

Plus, image capture is faster than with other machines at just 2.9 seconds and achieves this quality with a lower radiation dose. I also really appreciate the different fields of view (FOV) available with the Green X – other machines only provide 8×8 or 9×9, but this machine has much smaller FOVs so you can focus on the exact area you need, exposing the patient to the least amount of radiation possible.

Today, I believe we are the only business in the UK to have two Green X CBCT machines – one at our Gosforth practice and another at our Corbridge location.

CBCT machine

Image quality combined with usability

The Ez3D-i software is very responsive, easy to use and supports a fast workflow. The interface is very good and makes learning and using the equipment fairly straightforward. I have already completed around 50 cases with the Green X and I am able to better utilise the many features available more with each patient I treat.

In addition, the support I receive from Vatech is excellent – I certainly have no complaints about the customer service. My staff can always get in touch with Vatech easily and they have been able to resolve any of our questions or queries straight away.

It also looks great – it’s a beast of a machine but it looks very professional and I was able to comfortably fit it into my practice.

A highly recommended solution

I would 100% recommend the Green X CBCT and Vatech to others – it is an investment I could never regret and I absolutely love it! I think it’s important to spend your money wisely on capital equipment like this, because it can have a massive impact on the quality of your dentistry.

If you want to buy a Ferrari, you don’t expect it to cost and drive like a small everyday car. In my opinion, the Green X is the dental equivalent. It is a quality-made machine, it’s robust and it delivers outstanding image quality with an efficient workflow. Compared to other brands on the market, the Green X is far superior in every way.

For any clinicians providing a high volume of dental implants or any other treatment that requires 3D planning, a CBCT is a must. Without one, you will be losing patients – and losing much more money than the equipment would have cost you in the first place. I would really recommend you consider investing in your own machine!

To find out more, please visit www.vatech.uk.com/green-x.

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