One hundred days of success with TRIOS scanning

100 days of trios scanning

Maker of TRIOS 3Shape spoke with a clinic 100 days into their TRIOS journey. What was onboarding like? What training did they get? How quickly did the clinic staff adopt new technology? 

Step one: choosing TRIOS

‘A few months ago, we began our journey by researching the different options of intraoral scanners available on the market.

‘We ultimately decided that 3Shape’s TRIOS 3 with a MOVE+ setup was the best fit for our practice. As well as some of the team having experience with an earlier model, we were impressed with the high-quality digital scans that the TRIOS offers and the user-friendly software that comes with it.

‘Plus, the tip of the device is smaller than other models on the market, which makes for easier scanning.’

Oleksandra Pikhut, 3Shape team lead for customer success management, says: ‘After placing an order, you can expect to be contacted by your very own 3Shape customer success manager.

‘We will walk you through our tailored three-month onboarding process, plus what it means to benefit from your first complimentary year on TRIOS Care, our full-coverage service plan.

‘You’ll be provided with training materials and tutorials that will ensure you and your team are well-prepared for the arrival of the scanner and can hit the ground running.’ 

Unboxing our new intraoral scanner

‘Once we placed the order, we were excited to get going with the scanner.

‘I’d already purchased a TRIOS before in my other dental practice, so it wasn’t completely new territory. However, with the new MOVE+ addition, it was a little more complicated to set up than I initially thought.

‘Our first day with TRIOS meant our first challenge

‘On the day the scanner arrived at our dental practice, I was excited to turn it on and keen to start using it immediately. But I needed guidance on how to get an account going. I also had trouble connecting the pen to my wifi at the start.

‘I reached out to our customer success manager, Lillia, who was incredibly professional and helpful.’

Oleksandra says: ‘When your scanner first arrives, it can be very exciting and a little bit daunting. However, don’t feel overwhelmed by setting up and getting to grips with all the features at once. Simply get in touch with your customer success manager to learn more about the features that are now at your fingertips.

‘Your CSM will take you through the following:

  • Guiding you through set-up of the scanner
  • How to confidently scan your first patient
  • Setting up patients in the easy-to-use system
  • Setting up labs and partner integrations in our dental platform.’

30 days after beginning our dental scanning journey

‘One month into using the 3Shape TRIOS scanner, we had many positive responses from patients and our staff.

‘What really stood out to me about the first month was how positively our patients reacted to the scanner. They were taken aback by how good it is and what is now visible to them on the screen. The sleek design is an eye-pleaser in the clinic too.’

No conventional dental impressions means more comfortable cosmetic procedures

‘My clinic is not purely cosmetic, but in my work with patients, I focus on cosmetic procedures. Patients come in for procedures like Invisalign, whitening and implants. So dental impressions have been a daily routine, which a lot of patients aren’t keen on.

‘My returning patients can compare from taking impressions a year ago to trying the scanning. The scanner feels so much better for patients, and it feels good to be able to offer that.’

Sixty days in with TRIOS

‘Two months later and a couple of the nurses from my clinic tried the scanner. They enjoy using it, even if they initially did struggle a little to learn the new technology.’

Challenging ourselves with an Invisalign open day

‘We hosted an Invisalign open day at the clinic, where the nurses inevitably had to learn to do the scanning on their own. We were quite surprised with the number of people that showed up.

‘With the bulk scanning needed to perform the Invisalign consultations, the open day event meant that the nurses had to quickly get good at using TRIOS. We could see what a significant difference the scanner could make to our workflow and patient care.

‘Being able to host an open day event efficiently was also a game changer in terms of attracting new patients to the clinic.’

Ongoing support from our customer success manager

‘For training, we had around three appointments with our customer success manager, Lillia. She was always helpful and available to answer any questions we had, and provided additional training when needed.

‘Since I had the laptop version of TRIOS in my other practice, using TRIOS MOVE+ was still a little new to me.’

Oleksandra says: ‘The first months of onboarding can feel like you are on a steep learning curve. But we are always here for support when you need it. Here’s what you might want to contact us about during your first months with the 3Shape TRIOS dental scanner:

  • TRIOS installation and onboarding training
  • Follow-up training session, once you have more day-to-day experience
  • How to integrate TRIOS software with your clinic’s management system
  • How to use the patient engagement apps for case acceptance and great marketing
  • How to use features such as shade measurement and patient specific motion
  • Shifting your team’s mindset toward a more modern clinic workflow.’

One hundred days into our TRIOS experience

‘Over the past few months, we have been able to integrate the scanner into our daily routines. It’s become an important tool for daily use. I use the scanner anywhere from one to five times a day.’

The wow factor in my clinic

‘A few days ago, I had a teenager in the clinic with his mum. I was showing this teenager the TRIOS MOVE+ setup and the mum kept edging off her seat, almost falling off! She kept trying to peek round and get a better look too.

‘It really makes an impact and is fascinating for patients. It shows that you are investing in the latest technology, keeping up with the times and is that extra wow factor. It’s a kind of branding for your clinic. People view your clinic as more modern with the scanner.’

What’s next?

‘The support provided by my customer success manager has been great. Now that the onboarding process is almost complete, I’m ready to wrap it up with one last session with the team.

‘Overall, I’m happy with the investment. It’s helped us provide better care to our patients and has made our practice more efficient. I’m excited to see what the future holds with this technology at our disposal.’

Oleksandra says: ‘Getting the most out of your digital dentistry takes a little time investment. Your onboarding, however, comes for free as part of your first year on TRIOS with the TRIOS Care service plan.

‘After being onboarded, we have the following helpful avenues:

  • Expert onboarding
  • Online digital dentistry training
  • Support
  • Consultations
  • Training sessions
  • 3Shape Community forum
  • 3Shape Blog.’

Ready to get on board with TRIOS? Get in touch on 01183 151 300 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, explore more here

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