‘Cheaper lab bills and easier management’ – creating the perfect whitening solution

We hear from Andrew Wallace about the relationship between IAS and Philips, and why the Zoom trays are the go-to whitening system. 

IAS and Philips have had a long relationship together, with both companies being innovative in the field of dentistry by developing advanced technology to make patients’ lives better.

Both share the mission to evolve the dental profession as it moves into the future. IAS are leaders in education and leaders in in advanced dentistry: not only do IAS have a world-class lab and facilities, but they run education courses on topics such as align bleach bond, implants and clear aligners.​

The two things important to good whitening results are quality gels and custom fit trays, and IAS are leaders in tray design. Custom fit trays are so important to whitening results and this compelled IAS to work on creating specialised trays.

Super whitening product

IAS researched tray design using studies and real patient cases, and devised the perfect tray design to use for whitening exclusive to Philips.

Together, Philips and IAS have partnered up to create the perfect whitening solution, allowing a system that can make lab bills cheaper and easier to manage.

Philips always had a superior whitening product but now with an exclusive tray solution, you can easily provide the whole whitening package to your patients.

The IAS specialised tray features include: ​Hand-made for a crystal clear finish, perfect fit, comfortable and durable, researched and tested in a randomised blind study to reach the perfect design, and the design helps eliminate gel leakage.

For more information, email [email protected] or visit the IAS website: Home – IAS Academy (iasortho.com)

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