Celebrating 10 years of improved access to dental care

celebrating access to dental care

Harry Morris shares invaluable insight into the Brighton-based event that not only celebrated 10 years of dental access but also highlighted the need for early oral health intervention.

Marking 10 years of direct access opportunities, EMS hosted an open day dedicated to children’s oral health on 29 April. This was alongside Christina Chatfield, an award-winning hygienist who was the first to open a UK direct access practice.

As part of the event, 14 child appointments were performed for the game-changing guided biofilm therapy (GBT) protocol. The children were accompanied by a parent to Christina’s Dental Health Spa Brighton.

Delivering GBT alongside Christina on the day were Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) trainers, Jolene Pinder, Ibrahim Numan and Amanda Gaillie. All lobbied for direct access 10 years ago, with Christina owning Dental Health Spa Brighton as a direct result.

Creators of the GBT protocol, EMS, a company dedicated to preventive care, is proud to have these four incredible SDA trainers on board. They are delighted to celebrate the role GBT has played in the evolution of direct access in Christina’s practice.

Starting preventive care in childhood

Dedicated and determined to make a real difference in the community, EMS, Christina and her colleagues are working hard to raise awareness about the need to get good oral health habits started early.

For child patients, those first impressions are critical, and pain-free GBT can be offered to everyone.

This effective and comfortable treatment encourages repeat visits and therefore improved oral health. This is ultimately what we all want for our children.

GBT has an essential role to play

Speaking on the day, Christina commented: ‘The EMS technology and machinery, together with the GBT protocol, allow me to deliver the best possible care. The machine uses warm water, improving patient comfort, while biofilm is completely removed, as is tartar.’

She added: ‘Using just one powder that does everything required without any need to scrape the teeth, appointments become easier, it is quicker to perform, and patients love it. GBT provides the missing piece of my preventive care puzzle.’

The need for early prevention and good oral health cannot be overstated for children to keep their teeth for life:

  • GBT is pain-free and is ideal for biofilm removal from milk teeth and mixed dentition
  • GBT helps to motivate and encourage oral hygiene in young children
  • GBT builds trust and confidence in the clinician, increasing long term recall, which is the basis for preservation of natural teeth
  • GBT increases compliance in children and adolescents
  • GBT is an optimal tool for patient education, decay prevention and early detection of other conditions such as gum disease.

An empowering 10 years

Ten years ago, direct access was introduced into the UK. This enabled patients to access the services of a hygienist or therapist without needing a referral from a dentist.

This opened up a whole new world for patients and these dental professionals alike. Professionals had had difficulty working to their full scope of practice.

Not just that, but Christina and her GBT-embracing colleagues are armed with the latest in effective professional teeth cleaning equipment and an incredible protocol that guarantees a 100% clean.

What’s more, it is entirely comfortable – a far cry from many people’s experiences of the traditional scale and polish.

The GBT protocol in eight simple steps

  1. Assess – probe and screen every clinical case
  2. Disclose – make biofilm visible
  3. Motivate – raise awareness and teach
  4. AirFlow – remove biofilm, stains and early calculus
  5. PerioFlow – remove biofilm in >4 to 9 mm pockets
  6. Piezon No Pain – remove remaining calculus
  7. Check – make your patient smile
  8. Recall – a healthy patient equals a happy patient.

If you would like further details about what EMS Dental has to offer dental professionals in the UK, please visit www.ems-dental.com.

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