A universal dental adhesive like no other

A universal dental adhesive like no other

G-Premio BOND is a one-bottle universal dental adhesive like no other – and here’s why.

The problem with many restoratives is the interface between the tooth surface and the restorative material.

A strong bond is essential but there also needs to be a tight marginal seal to reduce the possibility of caries formation.

G-Premio BOND is a one-bottle universal dental adhesive like no other compatible with total-etch, self-etch and selective-etch techniques and indicated for use in all classes of direct restorations.

It maintains excellent marginal integrity regardless of the technique and the composite material and a high silicon dioxide filler content seals tubules leading to fewer voids between the thin adhesive layer and the dentine, minimising microleakage and preventing microbial invasion.

This light-cured universal dental adhesive can be used for direct restorations, repair of indirect restorations and in the treatment of hypersensitivity.

It can also be used for luting and repairs due to its high bond strength value, not only on enamel and dentine, but also on non-precious and precious metals and zirconia.

The touch cap bottle makes for easy dispensing and short procedure times and with a HEMA-free formulation to prevent hydrolysis which can lead to discolouration, G-Premio BOND brings complete confidence to restorative procedures.

Cut the excess with GC’s universal dental adhesive solutions.


G-Premio BOND is compatible with the GC composite range of light-cured restorative composites including everX Flow short-fibre reinforced flowable composite for dentine replacement, which strengthens restorations from within.

It is ideal for intraoral repair of composite, metal-based and zirconia/alumina-based restorations, as well as ceramic restorations in combination with a specialised priming agent for aesthetic indirect restorations.


G-Premio BOND is compatible with all GC resin cements bonding to all preparations without compromise, including teeth, metal abutments and composite core build-ups.

Its very low film thickness (3 µm) allows for perfect adaptation to prostheses. If needed in situations such as post luting, G-Premio BOND can be mixed with G-Premio BOND DCA (Dual Cure Activator) to make it dual core.

Core build-up

G-Premio BOND’s high bond strength can be relied on even in bulk-fill applications. To achieve a long-lasting restoration it can be used with a dual-core composite and Dual Cure Activator (DCA) for efficient curing, even in the deepest areas.


Repair of restorations is a routine procedure for clinicians. GC’s Repair Kit is an easy-to-use complete set of products designed for chairside intraoral repair of glass-ceramic, hybrid ceramic, zirconia, alumina, composite and metal-based restorations.

A step-by-step technique guide is available which covers intraoral repairs in an easy and straightforward way.

Time-saving and economical

G-Premio BOND offers all the advantages of a universal dental adhesive but with a top performance in all situations thanks to a unique combination of three functional monomers – MDP, 4-MET and MDTP.

With a long working time of seven minutes in its dedicated dish, G-Premio BOND can be used for multiple restorations on one patient. With fast procedure times of 25s in self-etch and 50s in selective or total-etch, this is particularly beneficial in situations where isolation is not ideal or in paediatric cases.

Each 5ml bottle of G-Premio BOND contains 300 drops. The unique silicon flip-top cover is designed to protect the liquid from the heat transmitted from the clinician’s fingers and to avoid evaporation of the solvent during procedures.

Along with a thin nozzle, this gives better control of the quantity dispensed, ensuring ongoing reduction of waste.

To discover more about G-Premio BOND universal dental adhesive please visit www.campaigns-gceurope.com/g-premio-bond/

For further information on GC’s extensive restorative portfolio contact GC UK on 01908 218999, email [email protected] or visit gceurope.com.

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