Oral-B Professional website is launched

oral-b has launched a new website

Oral-B introduces its new website, designed to support dental professionals with access to tools, resources and education.

Patients who are well-informed about their oral health are more likely to take care of their mouths properly at home, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming treatments in the future.

But the WHO’s Global Oral Health Status Report (2022) suggests that oral diseases remain the most widespread noncommunicable diseases, affecting almost half of the world’s population.

The correlation between oral health and quality of life is significant. It is well-recognised that oral disease and disorders can negatively impact oral functions, self-esteem, general wellbeing and social activities.

Given the right circumstances, however, most oral conditions can be prevented or managed by ‘healthy behaviours’, such as a balanced diet and cleaning teeth and gums effectively.

Providing customised education and targeted prevention techniques can increase patient knowledge, enhance hygiene proficiency, and foster long-term, favourable behavioural modifications.

Nevertheless, it can be difficult to allocate sufficient time to establish trust, impart personalised education, share relevant resources, and maintain a comprehensive overview of current clinical practices and advancements.

Website launch

Oral-B has launched a new website, Oral-B professional, to help support dental professionals. It has two aims – to help dental patients achieve optimal oral health and help dental professionals achieve their own unique professional goals.

Ensuring patients continue healthy behaviours once they leave the surgery is the cornerstone of excellent long-term oral health care. With easy-to-access resources to share with patients, Oral-B Professional can help them commit to these all-important healthy habits at home.

The website offers a wealth of information on oral care for children and adults. This ranges from brushing and flossing techniques to more advanced procedures such as teeth whitening and orthodontic treatment.

It also provides access to complimentary product samples for dental professionals to distribute to their patients.

Professional development

The new website supports dental professionals who wish to develop their knowledge and skills to offer optimum care.

There are free online courses that offer verified ECPD hours as per the GDC guidelines. Plus, free-to-attend live and on-demand certified webinars. Dental teams can register to participate.

webinar page on the new website

The website features updates on the latest innovation and technology and showcases new oral health products. It also offers access to clinical papers that cover all aspects of the oral-systemic link. This includes periodontitis and pregnancy, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cognitive decline, as well as its impact on the socioeconomic situation.

The high-quality content is created by Wiley’s team of experts and reviewed by its independent expert editorial panel.

Oral-B Professional’s website offers practice management tools to improve practice operations, support marketing and boost patient retention. By streamlining workflows, dental professionals can focus more time and energy on patient care.

With access to patient education, clinical research, live and on-demand webinars, and practice management tools, this new website is an all-in-one resource that can help deliver the best possible care to all patients.

For more information, visit www.oralbprofessional.co.uk.

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