Young Innovations reveals new line of surgical instruments 

The new line of oral surgical instruments from Young Innovations promises new features that will make dentists’ lives easier.

Young Innovations is an 85-year-old global organisation with a well-established footprint in Europe.  

The company retails products from Micro Brush and American Eagle along with a host of preventive products. But its newest – and perhaps most exciting – innovation is the launch of American Eagle’s new oral surgery product line.  

The new line of surgical instruments’ watchword is ‘quality’. Even a cursory look at the details of the instruments demonstrates the level of thought that has gone into them.  

‘Notable features’ of the surgical instruments

Young Innovations’ new surgical instruments have several notable features that help clinicians. They have a ‘twisted lock’ that prevents suture material from getting stuck and allows for smooth movement over its surface. This ensures accuracy and precision during surgical procedures, reducing the risk of complications or errors. 

Secondly, the instruments have a matte finish that prevents reflections, which can be distracting and interfere with the user’s ability to see clearly. This enhances visibility and improves the user’s ability to perform delicate surgical procedures with greater ease and accuracy.  

Additionally, the Cooley pliers have a feature that allows them to grab very fine, thin, and soft tissue without causing any pain to the patient, making the instruments more comfortable to use and improving patient outcomes. 

Frank Whyte, general manager of Young Innovations’ international business, said: ‘We were always being asked why we didn’t have a surgical line.  

‘Young Innovations’ philosophy on this has always been to have a line that people were going to use for everything. We didn’t want to have thousands and thousands of instruments: we wanted to be able to cover 85% of all of your needs in the practice with 120 instruments. With this new line of instruments, we’ve brought that to life. And now we’re excited to be able to share them with the profession.’  

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