Technically Speaking – Den-Tech: a charity for dental technicians

This month, Eleanor and Emily Pittard introduce Den-Tech, a charity that is working closely with dental technicians and other dental professionals.

Some of you may have heard of the charity ‘Den-Tech’, and some of you may not. So we thought we’d take this opportunity to educate, inform and encourage you to get involved where you can, because it’s really rather incredible (not that we’re biased).

‘Who are Den-Tech?’ we hear you ask

Good question.

Den-Tech is the brainchild of dental technicians Andrea Johnson and Andrew Sinclair who, after visiting Uganda with another dental charity, realised that there was a great need for quality dental technology services in the country and other developing countries like it.

This enthusiasm extended to helping out those less fortunate in the UK, such as the homeless and victims of abuse.

The aim is to provide a full range of dental technology services for free to the most vulnerable. They work closely with dental laboratories and technicians who are willing to give their time and resources to help.

How to help with the charity

From seeing the patients, to making the lab work, to providing equipment, there are so many ways to help.

The easiest way to get involved is to head to the website and follow the link online. Once you submit your details, a member of Den Tech will be in touch. There is something exciting coming soon that will make it simpler for dentists and other DCPs to get involved too. You can keep up to date with news by following them on Instagram or Facebook, or checking in online. And yes, before you say it, this is a shameless plug of their socials.

We’ve been providing dental work direct to companies like Dentaid, amongst others, to assist in their charitable work; Emily has also seen patients direct as a CDT to provide dentures under the Den-Tech banner. The difference this makes to people’s lives is just incredible to see.

Even if you are not working in a lab or a clinic, you can still get involved. Skillbond, for example, gifted us a large stock of teeth cards to use on our cases for Den-Tech, for which we are very grateful.

Benefits of charity work to lab owners and dental professionals

It can be hard, especially in the current economy, to put time or resources aside for free. Costs are rising everywhere and we are all feeling the pinch. So, if we can be selfish for a moment, let’s consider the benefits of getting involved with a charity to you as a lab owner and as a dental professional.

Corporate social responsibility

As a lab owner corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an important arguably vital part of your business plan.

In 2006, the UK Companies Act required directors to consider the interests of all stakeholders – this includes the environment and the community, when pursing shareholder interests.

Whilst there is no specific CSR legislation currently in the UK, it has quickly become almost a mandatory pursuit for companies seeking to set themselves apart from competition. It shows what you value and what you want to put back into the world.

CSR has been shown to boost morale in the workplace. It can increase employees’ creative involvement, including generating new and practical ideas, originality, and creative problem-solving. This means that when you provide opportunities for employees to contribute to their passions, they become more productive in the workplace and more proud of the company they work for.


It also helps with recruitment as people seek out companies who align with their personal goals and motivations.

As a dental professional, didn’t most of us get into the business of healthcare because we wanted to give back? It’s easy to forget that once-lofty dream of really ‘giving back’ when you are bogged down by endless check-ups and mountains of paperwork.

You start every day with the best intentions and end it with a longer list than you started with and the vague sense that you must have achieved something but you can’t for the life of you think what.

Getting involved in something with a direct impact can do wonders for that part of you debating what you’ve achieved. Especially as you can see the impact, sometimes even at the source. You changed someone’s life. That’s pretty special.

To finish with a statement from a patient Emily saw at our clinic: ‘I never thought I’d smile again. It’s been so long, and I just.. I never thought I would. I can’t believe it. Thank-you.’

Oh, and if you’re interested, come and find Den-Tech at the DTS – we’ve got some incredible demonstrations and lectures happening!

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