Building a £1 million squat practice

Building a £1 million squat practice

What is Tooth Club? Kunal Thakker talks us through what it is about, its mission and its hopes for the future.

Tooth Club is a group of dental practices like no other. We have strived to make our practices aesthetically pleasing and comfortable so all of our patients’ preconceived notions about going to the dentist are thrown out the window.

But, our eleven locations did not just appear overnight – they were transformed from empty shop units to thriving practices in just 12 months.

How do we do it? Through a streamlined process and some truly amazing partnerships!

Our approach to squat practices begins with a thorough research process that includes analysing demographics, scouting the competition, and assessing demand to identify locations with the greatest need for our services.

Once we have identified a suitable location, our legal negotiations are expertly handled by Reena Popat at Carter Bond Solicitors, ensuring favourable lease terms and tenant protections.

This allows us to focus on building the most Instagrammable practices. Simultaneously, we work on compliance with our partner Rajiv Lakhani at Dental Compliance Made Easier.

They have been an integral part of our journey who have the expertise but also the knowledge of the pragmatics steps to ensure a seamless CQC application process and compliant squat practice.

Ongoing support

They provide ongoing compliance support for the practices through an online portal, their expert team and free CPD courses for our team. As soon as we have a key in our hand, we can get started with our build! Having a fantastic team of experts has been the key to our success in opening clinics within 14 weeks.

With the help of Matt Rowlingson technical director at Clark Dental, we were offered a range of cutting-edge dental equipment options.

Tooth Club

Not only that, but Clark Dental went above the call of duty, providing us with high-quality 3D renderings to visualise our desired outcome (created with their state-of-the-art 3D software) and continuous support from the team throughout the entire process.

When it comes to technology, we are ahead of the game with 3D scanners and the most up to date computer systems. Having a long established relationship with Software of Excellence (SOE), the ongoing support, new squat staff and system training is an integral part in ensuring a seamless patient journey.

SOE’s reporting suite is the best in the industry, allowing us to gain a number of operational efficiencies from associate pay to FTAs and diary management, which helps us improve patient access to oral health care

Training our team on delivering the best patient experience is vital. As the saying goes, ‘you never get a second chance to make a good first impression’.

Tooth Club

Excited for the future

With the build complete, it’s time for marketing. We use both digital and non-digital marketing to reach as many people as possible and attract new patients.

We run social media campaigns and competitions in the local area to get people in the door. Honestly, we like to be as noisy as possible when setting up a new location – people need to know we are there!

With patients booked, we are finally ready to open. At this point in the journey, we stock up with the very best products from Henry Schein and open our doors.

The future is bright – Tooth Club plans to build ten more practices utilising our established partnerships.

We are excited to see what’s to come as we focus on creating squat dentistry practices that revolve around amazing quality care in a beautiful place.

Thinking about a squat practice or have a question? Feel free to reach out to us at:

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