Why artificial intelligence is key to preventative dentistry

Why artificial intelligence is key to preventative dentistry

Dr Mehy Lo Presti explains why artificial intelligence is at the heart of preventative dentistry and keeping patients happy. 

Dr Mehy Lo Presti studied and gained his qualifications at the University of Madrid and King’s College London.

Now working at The Kensington Dentist, Mehy focuses his practice on restorative dentistry and full mouth rehabilitations.

He is also the co-founder of Global Dental Collective and also Sustainable Clinics, an organisation that aims to make healthcare a more sustainable industry.

Please tell us a bit about your AI journey

I started using AI in 2021, mainly for my treatment planning and my smile design. I also use it for patient communication and diagnoses on X-rays.

How has Pearl helped your dentistry?

Pearl has helped me to be more effective with my treatment planning. It’s also really helped communication with my patients and helped me to have a more accurate diagnosis.

What’s your favourite feature of Pearl?

One of my favourite features is that I can highlight on the X-ray a specific problem. I can then show this to the patient and that really helps with communication!

Sometimes it can be hard to make patients understand the problems they’re having just with an X-ray.

Why would you recommend it to other clinicians?

I recommend to other clinicians any technology that makes our life easier and our treatments more predictable using evidence solutions. Pearl is one of these.

Patients also love it so anything that makes our day-to-day easier and makes patients happier is a must.

Why should dentistry embrace AI?

As I mentioned in my opening speech at the last Global Dental Collective, we understand that prevention is the most sustainable way of practising dentistry.

Artificial intelligence is definitely a key factor in performing and delivering more accurate and preventative dentistry.

For more information visit www.hellopearl.com

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