Love Mineross – your perfect allograft match

Love Mineross – your perfect allograft match

Are you an implant clinician or a GDP performing extractions? Are you looking for the perfect allograft match to suit you and your patients’ needs?

If you answered ‘Yes’, then we think you’ll love Mineross – the allograft bone substitute material from Biohorizons Camlog that helps to create a solid base for soft and hard tissue growth.

The preservation of bone volume and soft tissue height during tooth extraction is essential to achieving ideal bone and soft tissue contour.

Combine this with the growing demand for transformative implant treatment, bone grafting has become commonplace in dentistry as sufficient bone volume and quality is necessary for successful placement of the implants.

Why choose an allograft?

Limited tissue availability and the harvesting process’s potential morbidity factor have pushed clinicians to seek innovation in regenerative technology. While traditional autogenous grafts have served the clinician’s purpose well, alternatives such as allografts provide similar results while avoiding a second intraoral wound.

Allografts are biologic tissues derived from human donors and sourced from a bone bank. The externally sourced donor tissue undergoes an extensive cleaning and structured processing method to remove biological DNA from the cancellous and cortical bone structure.

Why choose Mineross Blend?

Mineross Blend offers a regenerative balance of mineralised cortical (70%) and cancellous (30%) allograft chips, helping to form an osteoconductive scaffold for volume enhancement and effective site development to place dental implants.

With a particle size of 300-1000μm, the Mineross Blend package includes a low-profile jar with a wide opening that improves graft accessibility and the ability to hydrate prior to graft placement. Primary applications for the effective use of Mineross Blend include:

  • Extraction socket grafting
  • Grafting for implant placement
  • Periodontal defects
  • Lateral and vertical ridge augmentation
  • Sinus grafting.

Using reliable biomaterials is essential in creating a solid base for hard and soft tissue growth and Mineross Blend offers you a regenerative solution to helping create natural-looking aesthetics and long-term function.

For a limited time only, you can buy three and get four Mineross Blend – simply quote Mineross2023 when ordering. To order, click here to contact our sales team, or customer service on 01344 752560 or [email protected].

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