Innovation, improved – achieving remarkable results

Innovation, improved - achieving remarkable results

Beautifully-aligned teeth not only increase confidence, but also helps patients to maintain good oral health.

With clear aligners, clinicians can work with their patients to achieve remarkable results, discreetly and comfortably.

Clear aligners have fast become a patient preference, with demand driven by aesthetics, comfort and convenience. Indeed, technological breakthroughs have revolutionised the field of orthodontics – modern dental practices are increasingly witnessing the impact of digital scanning and treatment planning.

Clear Correct, a Straumann Group brand, is backed by innovation, research and clinical excellence, so you can deliver beautiful orthodontic dentistry that lasts.

Clear Pilot, a powerful digital treatment planning software to be used in conjunction with Clear Correct aligners, has evolved – introducing, Clear Pilot 5.0.

An enhanced experience

The new release has added additional features to Clear Pilot for a more interactive approach to treatment planning.

Now, you can develop customised treatment plans thanks to a variety of new 3D editing tools. This includes robust tooth movement – teeth can be moved either individually or in groups, with precision.

Aligner customisations can also be added swiftly and easily, such as cut-outs, engagers and bite ramps. Other features include compass tooth editing, which allows you to click and drag your tooth selection to the desired final position.

The Superimposition tool allows you to view the expected changes to your patient’s teeth, at every step of the treatment. Occlusal contact can be confirmed with the Occlusal Heat Map tool.

Should you change your mind during the planning stages you can undo or repeat individual movements, or revert all of your edits with Clear Pilot 5.0.

Involve your patients

Patients appreciate being involved in their treatment journey – in fact, patient involvement is integral for their satisfaction with the outcome. Therefore, it’s easy to see the benefits of 3D virtual modelling – patients can visualise how their teeth are going to move and what the final result will look like.

Clear Pilot ensures that you have a user interface and a 3D virtual model that can be easily viewed and adjusted, in addition to sharing your patients’ treatment plans. As a result, patient engagement and treatment acceptance are enhanced.

New additions to the Clear Pilot software include insightful analysis tools, enabling you to perform comprehensive evaluations and treatment assessments, all on one platform.

These include Bolton Analysis, tooth movement charts/assessment and collision monitoring/alerts. You can also evaluate the procedure’s progress and patient compliance. 

Connect faster

As all clinicians know, the working day is bustling with patient appointments and various other activities and commitments.

As such, efficiency and effective management are key. Limited access to downloaded software impedes the ability to share treatment plans – potentially causing patients to be unable to receive their plans quickly.

With Clear Pilot, you can manage, review and approve your treatment setups, no matter where you are. You can also view, modify and share your setups from any device with an internet connection, granting you much-needed flexibility.

Plus, Clear Pilot’s auto-save function saves your edits and comments every 10 seconds for total peace of mind.

Support your workflow

Clear aligners represent the future of treating mild to moderate orthodontic cases of crowding or spacing. Patients enjoy their removability and their discretion.

Maintaining excellent oral health is much more straightforward when compared to traditional, fixed appliances, and patients are reported to experience less discomfort.

In order to deliver exceptional outcomes to patients, you need solutions that support you every step of the way. Clear Correct aligners feature a flat trimline above the gingival margin, helping to deliver optimal results for patients without sacrificing comfort or resilience.

The solution is comprised of Clear Quartz, a tri-layer material that facilitates a gentle yet consistent force against the teeth, while also providing stain-resistance.

Dr Pavi Sagoo comments on her experience with the Clear Correct aligner system from the Straumann Group: ‘The treatment simulation and 3D set up is an amazing tool to support patient explanations and increase treatment acceptance, and it is optimised by a digital workflow. I also really like that you can request no attachments as part of the Clear Correct set-up.’

Supporting your Clear Correct workflow with Clear Pilot means you, and your patients, will receive a truly outstanding experience. To find out more, get in touch with the team today.

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