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Mastering Invisalign: ClinCheck tips and tricks
Aligner Dental Academy presents a guide to ClinCheck, the digital treatment planning tool for Invisalign clear aligners. In recent years…
Case assessment and treatment planning for Invisalign
Aligner Dental Academy underscores the crucial role of conducting a thorough case assessment and creating an effective treatment plan for…
Implant procedure: keep it simple, keep it SmileFast
SmileFast’s chief operating officer, Asif Nazir, introduces an inclusive ‘all-in-one’ approach to managing your implant procedures – where supporting you…
Implant dentistry
Multidisciplinary case: clear aligner treatment
Kunal Rai presents a multidisciplinary case highlighting how careful case selection, assessment and treatment planning can provide an excellent outcome…
Clinical Dentistry
Innovation, improved – achieving remarkable results
Beautifully-aligned teeth not only increase confidence, but also helps patients to maintain good oral health. With clear aligners, clinicians can…
The Cyber Surgery – benefitting from the ‘aggregation of marginal gains’
Nick Fahey discusses how he used the aggregation of marginal gains to benefit his dentistry, after seeing the method transform…
Every smile tells a story – how curiosity improves treatment planning
Elaine Halley will explain why analysing cases is so essential before treatment planning during a webinar at 19:00 on 29…
Implant dentistry
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