Freedom first in the Isle of Man

Freedom first in the Isle of Man

Catherine Tannahill, director of dentistry at Portman Dental Care, shares the benefits of clinical freedom and offers insight into why you should consider a career move that allows passionate dentists to practise freely.

Ask any Portmanite, and they’ll tell you that the ability to practise how they choose is invaluable. We regularly hear from dentists outside the company that they long to perform dentistry the way they want, for the benefit of their patients and the practice.

Ensuring our dentists are free to practise their way and the way they think is best is paramount to our working relationships. This is part of creating practice environments where our teams can thrive means clinical freedom is a must.

There can be no compromise when it comes to showing our dentists that they are respected and valued. Dentists who are encouraged, supported and at ease genuinely enjoy their work. So we make sure our teams can focus on putting patients first and empower them to maintain high standards for our communities. It’s what everyone deserves.

Freedom first with established lists

Having a waiting list ready when moving practices or relocating for your career is a top priority for dentists, and it is for the team at Portman too.

There are only so many patients in the Isle of Man; luckily, our multi-award winning business and practices are a reliable choice.

Dentists joining us not only have the clinical freedom that is so rare, but they also have a waiting list of patients looking forward to meeting them.

When we say we trust our people’s expertise, we mean it; they’re free to move forward in their career with established lists, immediate demand, a variety of patients and true clinical freedom.

We respect our dentists’ choices for preferred materials, so they can tailor their treatments and pick their own labs.

A dentist’s POV

‘The best dentistry is free from unnecessary restraints. I exceed expectations because I’m free to enjoy clinical freedom. I choose my suppliers, materials, treatments and labs and can offer treatments that will reassure my patients and put a smile on their face’ – Susan Nelson, dental surgeon.

If you want to benefit from clinical freedom in your career, then we would love to welcome you to Portman Dental Care.

As you have read, we strongly believe that having a freedom-first culture means happy, motivated dentists. In turn, this results in long careers and supported communities.

With more than 700,000 patients across 200 dental practices, it’s clear we’re taking a fresh approach to dental care that benefits care and careers.

We have vacancies in the Isle of Man waiting for you

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