Five minutes with consultant orthodontist Arti Hindocha

Five minutes with consultant orthodontist Arti Hindocha

To say Dr Arti Hindocha is a passionate advocate for educating patients and peers on all things oral health is an understatement.

Her mission is to spread the word on how we can support patients to make safe choices around Direct to Consumer (DTC) aligner products and all things orthodontics.

Working as a consultant orthodontist based at Kettering General Hospital, Arti also treats patients in two private practices. In addition, she makes time for her role as Secretary of the European Federation of Orthodontic Specialists Association (EFOSA). This represents more than 11,000 European orthodontists.

When she’s not treating patients or training peers, she loves to draw and travel.

Where do you see yourself in the next 2-3 years

Developing my platform to lecture and teach more. I would like to keep imparting my knowledge, instilling confidence in my peers; dentists, trainees and orthodontists alike to feel safe and confident about topics in orthodontics. I also want to continue to help as many patients as possible.

I’m passionate about raising awareness on how we can support patients to make safe choices around DTC products. I recently wrote a blog on the topic which has a list of resources available to help dentists respond to patient questions.

Interproximal reduction education

I am also excited to be speaking on best practice and ideal protocols for Interproximal reduction, also known as IPR, for orthodontic patients.

I am speaking in February 2023 for the British Orthodontic Society’s Practitioner Group and also excited to be working with DB Orthodontics to develop an educational session on the topic.  Look out for more information on that coming in 2023.

To register your interest, contact Karen Hiscoe via [email protected] who will be in touch with upcoming dates.

Why did you choose to go into orthodontics?

Orthodontics, in essence, is about growth and development of the face, jaws and teeth, it is fascinating to understand the core of how we develop.

I have always aligned more with conservative dentistry and knew I would be able to give my patients confident smiles by utilising orthodontic mechanics rather than a drill.

I was also keen to learn more about orthognathic surgery, severe hypodontia, cleft lip and palate and craniofacial syndromes and how these conditions affect the development of the oral structures.

It takes time and effort to get results in orthodontics, yet despite this, there is a beauty in orthodontics in that you can improve the confidence of your patients with a simple brace. The job satisfaction is second to none. You won’t meet an unhappy orthodontist!

What inspired you to become a consultant?

Knowledge empowers all of us and I’m a massive advocate for learning. The best aspect of being a consultant is that one can teach and impart knowledge to trainees and patients. I enjoy making those around me feel safe and confident.

The other advantage is that you are continually learning; you cannot remain stagnant. As a consultant you treat advanced cases, involving lots of treatment planning and multidisciplinary working which is exciting and fulfilling.

The greater number of complex patients mean I have the privilege to help change many lives significantly. Especially those with jaw deformities, syndromic patients and behavioural challenges.

Learning how to communicate difficult mechanics, enabling patients to freely give informed consent and allaying fears is one of the best parts of the job. There are no limits on questions and I enjoy giving my time to patients and their families so that we embark on the orthodontic journey together, with a clear understanding of the end goals.

At Kettering General, I am lucky to work within such a dynamic and innovative team.

I am able to think of new ways to treat patients, enjoy the challenge of thinking laterally and utilise 3D technology to give our patients the very best clinical care.

What are your career focuses at the moment?

My aim is to make sure that people are putting patients first and treating them safely. I love sharing information on how simple IPR can be as part of a holistic orthodontic appliance treatment; whether that is fixed orthodontics or aligner treatment.

In addition, I enjoy helping clinicians feel confident with their treatment planning and understanding when to use IPR. I want to ensure anyone carrying out orthodontics feels comfortable enough to approach an orthodontic case that is treatable within their scope of practice.

I also enjoy mentoring dentists and aiding them in their understanding of when to refer, how to refer, and how to deliver safe orthodontic practices with patients’ best interests at the forefront.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

During the pandemic, a talent to draw surfaced, I can now lose myself for hours drawing artwork for my home. I was playing hockey regularly until the pandemic and have now started learning to play golf as I love the focus required and enjoy being outdoors.

Finding live Jazz venues and new plays are passions I pursue. Where possible I try to give time to volunteer for local charities. Without fail, it is never too long before I am on a plane or train, travelling near and far, to explore new foods and cultures.

To register your interest in upcoming IPR courses with Arti Hindocha and DB Orthodontics, email [email protected].

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