Sharing the care with Real Good Dental

Sharing the care with Real Good Dental

Trudie Imrie shares her practice’s experience of joining a corporate with a difference.

The traditional concept for the provision of dental treatment is being re-written by Blackhills Specialist Dental Clinic.

As part of that, in 2021, partners Paul Stone and Graeme Lillywhite, heading up a team of registered specialists, decided it was time for a change.

This was partly to ensure the practice could continue to deliver the best possible patient journey and treatment outcomes well into the future, and partly to secure the future of the practice itself and the expectations of a greatly valued team.

Ultimately, the answer to the partners’ hopes came in the form of Real Good Dental. It brings together a network of expert local dental clinics supported by the resources of a well-respected national group.

A new approach

Commenting on the practice’s unique position within the referral sector, Trudie Imrie said: ‘As a referral clinic, we are here for the dentists. We work with them. We have always had this tagline, ‘Share the Care’, and that extends into everything we do.

‘That was an ethos that was really stretched during the Covid lockdown, as, of course, for a time we could not see patients.

‘When it came time to re-open, our perspective had changed a little, and we knew that we needed to secure the future of the practice, to be prepared should anything like that come our way again.’

Trudie continued: ‘It was a difficult period, and something had to change. Paul and Graeme knew of colleagues who had partnered with Real Good Dental and liked what you might call their hands-off approach.’

Indeed, Real Good Dental’s mission reflects exactly that: ‘The real good way is to empower and support practices to be the best version of themselves, enabling nothing short of clinical excellence for the best patient experience and treatment outcome.

‘As the corporate that cares, we promise only positive change, delivered with a light touch, always personalised to suit you, your team and your patients.’

Change under the radar

Asked about what differences the move to working with Real Good Dental has made, Trudie said: ‘I think the main thing is the support. For instance, I now am part of a regional managers’ team, and we have fortnightly meetings.

‘It’s good to have some input from other practice managers. Before, I was quite autonomous, so it’s nice to have the camaraderie and support.’

Meanwhile, from a clinical standpoint, nothing changed for the team. They continue to make the best possible decisions based on individual patient’s needs.

‘It has been seamless for them,’ commented Trudie. ‘For example, Real Good Dental provided us with a new piece of equipment for the hygiene department with training in its use. This was really well received.

‘The clinical team have continued as normal. That has trickled down to the patients, who know nothing about Real Good. The faces they see are the same, as is our branding.’

Face the future with confidence

Maintaining their branding was vital to Blackhills, because it is recognised as ‘the place to go’. Inextricably tied in with trust and rapport, both in terms of patients and referring dentist, the goodwill there remains invaluable to the practice’s success.

Offering a final word about their new position 12 months in, Trudie shared: ‘With change, there is always a slight fear factor. But we have chosen to adjust and adapt, to everyone’s benefit.

‘We’ve developed internally in the way that we want and need to, with Real Good Dental’s help. But beyond that, no-one seems to have noticed!

‘I also think we are now in a great place to face the future with confidence, come what may.’

If you are looking for support to achieve and maintain clinical excellence for patients, as well as access to a network of experts to support you at every turn, and many other benefits you probably don’t expect from a corporate, please do get in touch.

Simply visit, email [email protected] or call 0131 374 7825 for further information.

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