In the chair with… Dr Asif Saleem

In the chair with… Dr Asif Saleem

Dr Asif Saleem explains why he would look nowhere else but RPA Dental to kit out his practice.

I am sure that many of my peers would agree that the career path we had projected after qualifying is different from the one we have since experienced.

Dentistry is such an exciting profession that ambitious dentists want to go the extra mile and take up new challenges we would have never dreamt of when we were novices.

Two years ago before lockdown, we relocated to new state-of-the-art premises in Manchester with a view to taking on more patients and grow the practice offering.

Manchester Dental Practice is now the sole provider of NHS dental services in Manchester City Centre and treats more than 18,000 patients each year.

I had used RPA Dental in the past and its customer service had surpassed my expectations. I particularly admired its values, and the way they look after you every step of the way, so there was no reason why I would look elsewhere for my new practice kit out.

New recommendations

When our relocation was discussed with RPA in advance and I explained that I wanted them to assess which existing equipment we could transfer over to the new practice and what new equipment had to be purchased.

They understood my limitations and advised me accordingly. But what I particularly liked was the fact that they could see where I wanted this project to go and did not compromise my vision.

RPA Dental was mindful of my needs and my plans for the future and made provisions for what could be possible, should I decide to grow my practice the way I had envisaged.

The team also stepped in and got involved in the initial planning and design which they felt was not fully satisfactory – and made new recommendations.

They literally held the builders’ hands to facilitate the smooth project management and successful outcome of the new practice.

Transparency is key

I was so impressed that a couple of years later, I got in touch again to revisit the project and implement what could not be done back then. Having future-planned everything at the outset made it a lot easier from a logistical viewpoint as well as financial stance.

When you work with RPA Dental, transparency is key, and you know from the onset where you are budget-wise and it is really offers peace of mind.

I have known and worked with the company for more than 20 years. I would say that they have supported me throughout my practice growth trajectory, thanks to their attention to detail, level of expertise and knowledge of planning.

Look incredible

We now have a stunning modern 3,700 square foot practice all on one floor, which features eight surgeries each equipped with treatment-specific chairs, allowing us to specialise in facial aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry.

Three of the new chairs come from the Stern Weber range which work beautifully for implants and endodontic treatments. They look incredible and have all the right built-in features we need to perform complex and sometimes lengthy restorative treatments.

I also appreciate the remote support we get from RPA Dental’s engineering team, who know their chairs inside out, so try to avoid sending an engineer which would cost me a call out, and instead guide us via a Facetime video call to sort out faults as fast as possible.

For more information about Stern Webber chairs at RPA Dental please visit

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