Biomin F – armour for teeth

Biomin F’s slogan is ‘Armour for teeth’ – and it lives up to its name.

Armour is defined as the protective covering or shell which keeps the wearer safe from attack.

People have worn armour to protect themselves in battle since the Middle Ages, and brushing twice daily with Biomin F provides the same protection for your teeth.

The surface of our teeth is formed of enamel, but although that’s the hardest substance in the body, it can be softened and eroded by wear, and particularly by acid attack from eating sugary food or sweet and fizzy drinks.

Biomin F’s unique formulation means that a stable layer of fluorapatite (FAP) is deposited on the surface of the teeth and in the tiny dentinal tubules that are exposed by erosion.

Fluorapatite closely resembles natural tooth mineral, but is resistant to acid attack and coats the teeth with a protective layer, preventing and actually reversing mineral loss (demineralisation). In a word – it’s armour.

How Biomin F works

Biomin F is based on the latest generation of bioactive toothpaste technology, developed in the laboratories of a leading London Dental University.

Unlike toothpastes containing soluble fluoride, Biomin F contains an optimum combination of fluoride, calcium and phosphate ions within its structure.

When you brush with Biomin F, the toothpaste adheres to the teeth to dissolve gradually, releasing these ions over up to 12 hours. They work in concert with the saliva to rebalance the acidity in the mouth and produce fluorapatite. This acts to remineralise and strengthen demineralised enamel.

Additionally, the particles of Biomin F are so tiny that they can enter the dentinal tubules where they adhere to the apatite rich walls, developing new mineral to occlude or plug them and reduce dentine hypersensitivity.

This slow release mechanism is key. It enables Biomin F to continue to be effective over a prolonged period, unlike pastes based on soluble fluoride, which are rapidly rinsed away by saliva.

Protect the enamel

Studies have shown that a low, continuously released supply of fluoride is more effective at rebuilding mineral than a short ‘hit’, even of high concentration fluoride such as that found in prescription toothpastes.

Additionally, Biomin F has a ‘smart’ effect, enabling it to defend the teeth in the event of acid attack. If you consume a sweet food or fizzy drink, the acid in the mouth cause the particles to be released faster, getting to work quickly to restore the pH and protect the enamel against demineralisation.

Clinicians who are using and recommending Biomin F agree that it really does protect their patients’ teeth, especially for those with damaged enamel, or when carrying out procedures such as whitening, scaling or GBT.

US dental hygienist and speaker, Theresa McCarter, has given the product to a number of patients with damaged tooth enamel and believes the ‘armour’ is noticeable– see the Biomin Case study UK Mariel.

‘The remineralisation effect on patients’ tooth enamel was clearly visible,’ she said. ‘The teeth are visibly denser and less translucent. BioMin makes a real difference for patients with hypoplasia.

‘In our practice we recommend Biomin to all patients, especially those suffering from sensitivity, but also to those undergoing orthodontic treatment, periodontal therapy or whitening treatments,’ said UK hygienist Louisa Clarke.

‘As soon as the orthodontic brackets are bonded on, the patients are asked to use Biomin, while other patients are recommended to start using it ahead of treatment to avoid sensitivity, and to continue during and after the treatment is complete.’

More effective

She added: ‘I can see white spot lesions remineralising, and incipient caries, especially interproximally, halted. Previously, I was not interested in toothpastes containing less than 1450ppm fluoride, or that contained SLS.

‘Having studied the chemistry underpinning Biomin’s action, I am now sure that its slow-release formulation is more effective.’

London periodontist Reena Wadia is convinced enough of Biomin’s protective qualities that she has it written into her practice protocols. ‘At the end of every treatment, regardless of whether it is treatment or maintenance, we always apply BioMin F. That protocol works really well for us,’ she said.

UK hygienist Sam Davidson ‘arms’ her patients’ teeth when she carries out guided biofilm therapy. ‘I advise patients not to eat or drink for 45 minutes after GBT, and to avoid anything that could cause staining, like tea, coffee or smoking, for two hours, as the exposed tooth surface will be porous,’ she said.

‘Some, however, say they can’t wait two hours for a cigarette, so I feel that by applying a protective layer of Biomin F I am doing the best I can to protect their teeth!’

Official recognition

Biomin F has external confirmation that it does what it ‘says on the tin’. The Oral Health Foundation’s expert panel has accredited Biomin F toothpaste, upholding its claims of dental protection. The claims it has verified are:

  • By brushing at least twice daily, morning and night, the regular use of BioMin F toothpaste provides relief from dentine hypersensitivity and long-lasting protection against acid attack
  • The unique patented technology within BioMin F slowly releases calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions, forming a protective fluorapatite layer on the tooth surface and replacing lost tooth mineral
  • Biomin F will help reinforce and protect your teeth, leaving your mouth feeling clean and fresh.

Biomin F has undergone extensive scrutiny as a Medical Device, giving it a CE mark that is recognised across Europe as evidence that the toothpaste lives up to its claims.

It also has FDA 510K approval in the United States and approval by the Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).

When it was first launched, Biomin F toothpaste won the Worshipful Company of Armourers and Brasiers’ Venture Prize for Innovation – an especially appropriate award for a product designed to defend and protect. It really is ‘armour for teeth’!

If you don’t want to use a fluoride toothpaste, Biomin C is available, based on calcium and phosphate, and for your little ones there is BioMin F for Kids, in child-friendly melon or strawberry flavours.

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