Zirkonzahn’s free lecture tour in Birmingham, Cardiff and Southampton

The Bartplatte, a technique to geometrically adapt the primary structure to the palatal surface of the wax-up and individualise it by means of the free-forming software function.

Full Arches on implants: one case, many solutions – two-hour lecture for dentists and dental technicians, from 17 to 19 October.

Get ready: Zirkonzahn’s (South Tyrol) upcoming lecture tour in the UK is really close!

After the success of the last tour in spring, the worldwide dental company will be lecturing in Birmingham, Cardiff and Southampton from October 17-19, presenting new smart possibilities for manufacturing functional and aesthetic full arches on implants.

During the two-hour conference, the lecturer – DT Alessandro Cucchiaro, expert on monolithic zirconia restorations and developer of innovative workflows in the field of CAD/CAM implant dentistry – will show the participants different workflows to treat complex cases on implants.

Alessandro will demonstrate how each equipment of the workflow, from design software to materials and implant prosthetic components, perfectly fits to the others, greatly facilitating the dental technical job.

The Double Screw Metal technique consists of the generation of additional screw channels in the bar design in order to screw the bar to the implants and the superstructure to the bar. In this way, unaesthetic vestibular channels can be avoided.
The k80 Angled Screw Channel (asc) titanium bases can be shortened individually and are also provided with a side opening to tilt the screw access channel from 0°-30°, to compensate for non-optimal implant positions.

Different protocols

Dental technicians and dentists will gain insight into different ways of treating cases on implants with different protocols:

  • Bars or titanium bases, including the new K80 Angled Screw Channels (ASC) titanium bases, with adjustable height and access channel (0°-30°)
  • The Double Screw Metal technique, for aesthetic restorations in case of divergent implants
  • The Bartplatte, a special design-specific bar ideal for treating cases with palatal-inclined implants.

Participation is free of charge, but the registration is obligatory. For more information and registration, please visit www.events.zirkonzahn.com/page/UK_Tour4_Oct22 or contact Carmen Ausserhofer on +39 0474 066 662 or [email protected]).

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