Associating with the best in dentistry

Associating with the best in dentistry

Real Good Dental’s Tom Corcoran caught up with dentists Crawford Gray, Katie McKay and John James Perry to get the inside scoop on the benefits of working as an associate for a corporate.

As an associate, what has it been like for you to work in practices allied with Real Good Dental?

Crawford: Real Good Dental (RGD) has exceeded my expectations. They have been hands off with clinical freedom, encouraged use of best materials and been there when needed. Much of the stress of everyday practice has been removed, allowing time and facilitating incentive to improve working practice.

Katie: I was the sole owner of the dental practice that I sold to RGD. I was really happy at the practice but working clinically while managing it was becoming overwhelming, especially since Covid-19.

Becoming an associate in the dental practice that I love has meant that I can focus on my clinical work, which is what I am best at, and means that I now have a much better work/life balance.

It has also been beneficial to be part of a bigger group when it comes to staffing and dealing with technical issues. For example, being able to use another surgery at other practices when my chair was out of use was so helpful. I enjoy being part of a bigger group rather than facing and dealing with issues on my own.

John: It has been a good experience for me, too. It doesn’t feel like working for a traditional corporate because each practice keeps its own unique branding and identity.

How do the arrangements RGD has in place help with being able to work to a flexible timetable?

Katie: It was imperative to me that I kept the sessions that I was previously working. This was so that all my childcare arrangements were still in place, and it was easily negotiated.

John: RGD has been incredibly flexible for me. I work in two practices (both owned by RGD) within walking distance of my home. RGD was able to provide me with complementary days in each practice. This has allowed me to sell my car as I have no commute now and I have a much better work/life balance.

Crawford: I too have found the attitude of RGD towards my working pattern excellent. Even though I work a three-day week, the group has been flexible for my examining leave, courses and holidays. I find their attitude refreshing.

How do you feel about the availability of training courses every quarter?

Crawford: Due to the limited scope of my work, I have not made use of these courses so far but feel that the ethos of the organisation to strengthen the knowledge and working practices of associates is a very progressive move for both practitioners and RGD.

John: I recently attended a refresher course on dental radiology run by RGD. It was well structured and provided me with the necessary core CPD for the topic. The availability of training courses overall is excellent.

What do you think of RGD’s mentoring scheme?

John: I have postgraduate qualifications in restorative dentistry. I’m currently completing my dissertation to finalise my MSc in the same field.

I work alongside Colin Gardner at Botanics Dental Care who has a wealth of experience in advanced restorative dentistry and implant therapy. This is another area of interest to me. Colin is a first-class mentor who is always happy to discuss cases and offer advice with treatment planning.

Crawford: As someone who has mentored for 30+ years, such a scheme can only be of benefit to both mentees and ultimately RGD.

What are your thoughts on RGD’s marketing support?

John: RGD’s Lizzy Holden runs the PR/social media posts, so we have an expert doing that side of things for us. It’s nice just being able to focus on dentistry and not having to worry about the marketing side of things.

Crawford: Things are slightly different for us. As we have not had to advertise and are extremely busy, we have not used this support much, but can see the use in developing practices. That said, we have used RGD’s support when members of the team have taken on new treatments, and I am sure we will again in the future.

What would you say to anyone considering applying for an associate position with Real Good?

Katie: As a growing corporate, there is a lot of scope for career development within the group.

Crawford: Without a doubt, I would say that RGD offers associates an excellent platform to operate from and to develop their career in an environment that is unlike the pressure cooker situations found in many corporates.

The associate is given every opportunity to work with excellent equipment and materials and to develop their skills.

John: I would just add – go for it!

Real Good Dental’s promises:

  1. Your practice ethos remains at the heart of everything
  2. No corporate ego
  3. Positive change only
  4. Full working freedom
  5. Quick decision making
  6. Integrity
  7. Support to achieve and maintain clinical excellence for patients
  8. Digital expertise to drive growth
  9. People first, benefits for the whole team
  10. The network of expertise to support you at every turn.

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