Centrix announces exclusive distribution with Trycare

Centrix announces exclusive distribution with Trycare

Centrix has announced that it has consolidated its distribution and named Trycare Ltd as its exclusive distributor partner for the UK, including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Trycare is a leading provider of dental supplies and equipment based in Bradford, England with sales professionals across the UK.

This new partnership will allow Centrix to be closer to its customers and to better serve them. Customers will now have access to all Centrix products without having to go through multiple distributors in different areas of the UK.

Centrix will also work with Trycare to organise educational events for dental professionals and trainings for the Trycare sales team, to ensure concise and accurate communication.

Bringing you products

Trycare will also bring many of the newest Centrix products to the UK including:

  • Award-winning Fluorodose Fluoride Varnish. FluoroDose has been rated the top Fluoride Varnish by The Dental Advisor for six years in a row because patients say it tastes so much better and feels so much more comfortable on their teeth, it has outstanding uptake and a single-patient package that includes a Benda Brush applicator (so much easier to use than old fashioned varnish in tubes).
  • Access Crown Temporary C&B Material. Faster, stronger, more forgiving, with high esthetics; a preferred material for all dentists
  • Nomix Temporary Cement. Convenient tube applicators are ideal for in-office application and patient take-home if they worry about de-bonding
  • The Tempit Family of temporary filling materials. Original Tempit (for short-term temps), Tempit-E (with eugenol for cases with inflammation), Tempit L/C (the easy-to-remove, ‘pluck-able’ temp material for indirect cases) and Tempit Ultra (for longer term cases and greater esthetics). Try the Tempit Essentials kit, which includes 5 doses of each material, and see which to use for different clinical requirements.
  • Champ Pit and Fissure Sealant. Available in single-patient packs or multi-patient syringes, this bioactive, light-cured sealant does not require a bonding agent.
  • Snap-Fit Composite Guns.The original delivery system for all composite tubes/compules. Easier to use, easier on your hands; holds the material securely.
  • Our Popular Kaolin-clay Retraction Pastes. Access Edge high-viscosity paste and Accessflo low-viscosity paste.  Choose the material that works best for you.

New relationship

‘This is an exciting time for us,’ says Robert Nordquist, VP of sales and marketing for Centrix.

‘We’ve been working hard over the past year to improve our customer experience in the UK and this new relationship helps us do just that. Trycare, with its focus on education in the dental office as well as in live and online events, enables us to bring our CE-Credit lunch & learn programs to the UK.

‘For example, our Prevention For Life Lunch and Learn has been changing the way offices treat patients of all ages.’

At Centrix, our mission is ‘Making Dentistry Easier’ for everyone involved. By partnering with Trycare, we will help make dentistry easier in the UK, while also delivering high-quality products at affordable prices.

Centrix products are available from all leading dental distributors or by calling Centrix at 800 235 5862.

To learn more about Centrix products, visit us online at www.centrixdental.com. To learn more about Trycare, visit www.trycare.co.uk/centrix, or call 01274 88 10 44

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