GSK launches new app to help denture wearers reclaim their voice

reclaim your voiceGSK launches new app to help retrain denture wearers to retrain their mouth with a speech therapy programme.

The new app from GSK Consumer Healthcare, aptly named ‘Reclaim Your Voice’ had a trial launch in the UK last year.

Initially trialled by a target group of dental professionals, the app is specifically created as an aide to help patients during the early stages of wearing a new denture. For those struggling with speech, dental professionals can recommend the Reclaim Your Voice app.

Practice makes perfect

Having been in the denture care field for over two decades, GSK Consumer Healthcare is only too aware of the challenges new denture wearers face.

The functionality of the ‘Reclaim Your Voice’ app seems simple; a series of simple, daily speech exercises help patients to retrain their mouth with a speech therapy programme.

But the human benefit is far greater; giving denture wearers the confidence to sound like themselves again.

Help your patients to reclaim their voices

If you have patients whose speech you know dentures effect, your recommendation will go a long way. Help them reclaim their voice.

The Reclaim Your Voice speech therapy app is currently only available on Apple iOS devices.

Help your patients today. Direct them to the Apple app store and search ‘Reclaim Your Voice’ to download the free app.

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