A second a day for 30 days – Asha Pandya-Sharpe

This month Asha Pandya-Sharpe walks us through what she got up to in October as she switches from an NHS to private practice.

It’s been a month of firsts for sure. After making the transition from a 95% NHS practice to a 95% private practice, I’ve had my eyes opened, technology skills tested and love for new work colleagues, particularly my nurses, grow.

This month has been one full of learning. Not just internally with the use of the Itero scanner, the Sirona scanner and CEREC machine. These have presented as new and exciting challenges.

But also externally through the attendance of various courses; ‘Posterior composites’ with Dr James Baker and Dr Akit Patel. And ‘Anterior composites’ with Dr Andrew Chandrapal.

Both of these courses were phenomenal, having a great impact on my everyday dentistry.

With an awesome mentor, I’ve also thrown myself into the world of implant and surgical dentistry. I’ve placed implant crowns, participated in sedation cases, and really become familiar with a scalpel!

I’ve hurled myself into the dental world and participated in poster presentations, attended the Dentinal Tubules Annual Conference in Brighton, and published case reports in Inspire and MDPI journals.

It’s only when you get started that you realise how small the dental community is. And what an inclusive profession we are!

Despite all the dentistry, my love for food, pilates, and a good boogey haven’t dwindled.

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching my first few pilates classes, brunched, attended a drunken cookery class as well as given into a night out or two. Life’s about a healthy mix of it all and I can’t wait for next month!

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