Prosthodontips – resin-retained bridges: fun and predictable

ProsthodontipsIn this month’s Prosthodontips, Josh and Zo take a closer look at RRBs and how to create a favourable long-term solution for a patient.

Resin-retained bridges (RRBs) have been around for decades. However, despite the favourable evidence from long-term clinical studies, they have developed a rather undeserved reputation for failure. Perhaps this is because many people see them as technique-sensitive and difficult to handle. Others may struggle to get the best out of these versatile restorations simply because they are unsure how best to use them.

This month, we will address the use of RRBs through the use of a case study. Not much text to read, lots of photos and a very happy patient at the end.

Let us know what you think and if you would prefer this format in the future! Enjoy!

RRB case study

  • Figure 1: UR3 missing on presentation. This patient wanted to avoid treatment with implants due to medical and social complications. It seemed Figure 2 An occlusal view shows that the patient has a moderately restored dentition and is partially dentate. Most of the really important teeth are present. Her occlusion was also favourable and this is first positive indicator for success in this case. There is also a visible defect labially at the UR3 extraction sitea little excessive to consider preparing the adjacent teeth for a conventional FPD and a partial denture was also ruled out. Hence, the resin-retained bridge became the obvious choice

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